Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lancome Piha Lipstick Set Review and dark lips

So in late August I added myself to the Bloomies waiting list and finally received the set in late November. ( I know what a wait!) I usually don't like Lancome products, something about the smll and the texture just doesn't click with me. But I'm a sucker for dark lips. I love it. There is nothing sexier than looking like you just gnawed on someone's neck (lol, can you tell I'm a vampire fan?) Yes I love Twilight. I read all the books whoohoo. Anyway, going back to the dark lip look. It's harder to acheive the look on the lancome promotional picture than I thought. But I figured it was worth a try even for the hefty $48 price tag. Aaron's Red lipstick is really nice. It's a bright sheer red. The Piha Black gloss is not very sticky, but doesn't wear for very long. It's full of multicoloured microglitter and when removed leaves slivery glitter behind. Eww. The gloss is very sheer and gray looking, you really have to pile it on to make it look dark. I ended up applying it with a brush because when used directly over the lipstick it will turn the doe's foot brush red and that's never good. Anyway. I'm adding pictures to show the outcome of my hunt for sexy dark lips.
I took that picture without flash, you can see how sheer the colors are in the center. I had to really pile it on, on the sides for the colors to show. The gloss looks kind of gray, you can see the sparkles clearly too.

Where did the gloss go? The red doesn't look very dark. It's sexy though, ummm man eater.
The picture on the right is without the flash. The lipstick looks deeper and shimmery but where is that black go?

This one is my budget friendly version using Mac's mattene Chockful and L'oreal Hip lipgloss in Jubilant. I like it. Looks dangerous. he he. The picture on the Left is without flash.
So, my camera sucks. It's a cannon powershot sd950. I've had it forever. I'm too poor to buy a new one. So if any of my friends and family are reading my blog I like Nikon cameras. Hopefully one will make it under my christmas tree so I can post real pictures lol. O:)


  1. I just wanted to say Happy New Year! hope you have a successful & beautiful 2009!

  2. Aww! Thanks. Happy New Year to you too :) Lots of love and success in this 2009!

  3. Great gloss swatches! Thanks for following, too!

  4. That is a sexy lippie! I'm a total dunce about red lippies so I've always been shy about trying them. Love the review...thank you!! Happy new year babe!

  5. Thanks for your comments! I will be updating this post sometime this week. I did some more dark lip looks that I need to post.