Thursday, January 22, 2009

Feeling Estatic.

Whoa. Today is such a good day. It's been the first time since September 22nd of last year (My wedding day) that I feel like a good wife. I married a chef..a traditional South Asian chef who went to the French Culinary Institute and caters to famous movie stars and rich socialites. You can imagine how hard it has been to feed this husband. lol. I married him not knowing how to cook rice! lol seriously, my mom isn't much into cooking and neither was I. So I've been my husband's trainee for over a year now. I can cook traditional South Asian meals like mataar paneer, aloo banda gobi, goat curry etc. I can even make paneer parantha. awesome I know. My fav is undaa parantha. I'm actually a vegetarian but I do cheat and eat eggs. So you can imagine the challenge of cooking goat curry. He taught me how to make homemade paneer and yogurt. Which I love. But today, today was different. I made breakfast. Pancakes. Usually we both hate pancakes. Especially because we usually make them thick. Today I saw an old apple, prasad from the temple we went to two weeks ago, and I decided to make apple compote with brown sugar and use that for the pancakes topper. I did the pancakes super thin put cinnamon butter on top and then the apple compote. Folded it in half like a crepe and voila. Nothing fancy really. He was really proud that I am starting to think on my own and making things through experimentation. He called me his own personal chef. Ooo I feel so loved.

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