Monday, January 26, 2009

Thevi Cosmetics Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation with SPF15

I've been meaning to try these foundations for a while. A lot of my husbands friends ask me to do their makeup from time to time for events. Color matching is usually a pain with classic brands like Dior and Lancome. For this I'll usually turn to MUFE or MAC, life savers!

Thevi's foundation is much like Diorskin Icone Photo Perfect Cream to Powder foundation.
I ordered one in Almond and Honey Bronze. Honey thier lightest shade was too dark for me, it has an orangey undertone. Honey Bronze has a reddish orange undertone. You'll need to really blend it out. The results are flawlessly smooth and long lasting ( I washed a few dishes after making momos and it was still on my hand) ! They both have microshimmer, I found the Honey Bronze to have a lot of reddish microshimmer which I wasn't too crazy about. I expected more of an olive/yellow undertone for these foundations. I love that the foundation is infused with Vitamins A, C, and E. It's Oil free and Hypoallergenic. Anyskin type can wear this foundation, it provides medium to full coverage yet is provides a dewy soft finish.
Here is my hand with Almond. This foundation is very photogenic. HD almost. Looks seriously good.
Borrowed my husband's arm for this swatch of Honey Bronze, You can see on the edge that it's darker than his arm.

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