Monday, February 23, 2009

The hunt for good skincare.

I recently discovered The Body Shop (thanks to our friend the Muse from She is awesome. Her post on the Moroccan rose collection gave me enough temptation to wander into their Lexington location. I was shoe shopping and I came out of the last of four stores I looked in (Naturalizer). They didn't have my size and I was really mad/depressed so I was like what the heck let me go in. Inside I found an empty store with two sales associates and a security guard. One lovely lady spotted me heading to the Vitamin E skincare line(rose is one of my favourite scents and I really wanted to get it) But it's not my skin type. lol. Anyway, I was pleased to see the high quality and affordability of the Body Shop's skincare. They have something for everyone dry, oily, combo, mature, sensitive, men and baby! Whoooooa! They also had a buy two get one free sale.

I ended up buying the tea tree oil blemish stick for my occasional zits ( she warned me that this wasn't for my skin type but that it would be ok for occasional acne) It buuuurned. :( I usually like tea tree but this was strong. It did minimize my acne right away but might not be for sensitive skin types like me.

The Moroccan Rose collection is lovely. The smell is strong but not overwhelming like Bath and Body works products ( sorry, I used to be their fan when I was younger but now most of their moisturizers etc just hurt my nose) I bought the spray on body lotion. I love it. It's easy to use absorbs right in and leaves the smell on for a while (like half the day) It's so boho I love it. I can't wait until summer so I can smell of roses and annoy people on the train. Ahh the joy.

( disclaimer I'm going to digress into a religious topic for those of you who may be sensitive)
Speaking of smells today is Shivratri a night dedicated to the adoration of Lord Shiva who saved all creation from the poison "halahala" during the churning of the sea by the gods and demons in their quest to obtain "amrita" the nectar of immortality. Shiv held this poison in his throat. Shiva is one of the supreme gods in Hinduism. Especially for Shaivites. Shiva is the destroyer dissolves ignorance "maya" and creation. Today people also pray to the Shivalingam, which is a symbol of Shiva, by offering milk, money and flowers to it. Religious yogis and Sadhus in Nepal also smoke "ganja" or cannabis. Lol sometimes they offer it in the "prasad" or blessed food. Sorry for the religious note, I just went to the temple this morning with my husband and we did all this prayer for lord Shiva. As some of you may know I'm married to a Nepali man who is a traditional Hindu so I get to be a participant in these religious events.
( done with the religious topic)

PS I hope I didn't offend anyone. I tried to depict the festivity as accurately as my husband told me and I researched. Plus I minored in religion and majored in anthropology so these things just excite me.

Back to the body Shop.
I also bought the seaweed mattifying day cream and the seaweed iconic clay mask. The cream is ok. It smells nice and clean but it is ok mattifying for winter when my oil production is slower or but it's not really hydrating. In the summer I'm sure the hydration will be ok but I doubt this will really stop the oil flow. If you use it make sure to have blotters handy. I'm pleased with the mask so far. The congestion (blackheads and gunk) on my nose is slowly decreasing.

I also bought the Almond oil Daily hand and nail cream. It smells really nice and leaves your hands soft and silky (something very important for me since I do facials for a living). I notice my cuticles look less frayed (from all that dish washing waaaa!) but I need more testing to see how it works on my nails long term.

I have full faith that I will be making more stops into that Body Shop in the future.

Nivea and Neutrogena Lip moisturizers

I posted pictures a while ago on these two lip glosses after careful testing I am now a fan of the Nivea Rejuvenation Q10 anti aging lip care with spf 4. I felt this lip moisturizer exfoliated ( I lick my lips a lot during the day, bad habit I know. So I end up with dry flaky lips) the result was a pinker, soft and plump pout. Plus the SPF 4 is an awesome addition. Definitely a drugstore steal. The Neutrogena Lip Boost intense moisture therapy is OK. It wasn't sticky or anything on application but it had a bad taste and the moisture benefit did not last all day. I think there are better things out there in the drug store that this one.

My Lauress is here!

This is part of that mineral recession shopping list. Lauress a mineral company dedicated to bringing out women's natural beauty. They didn't take long in shipping but it's been waiting for my at my building's management office. I just haven't had time to pick it up during it's open hours. But finally it's in my hands and ready to be swatched for you.
I bought only the Minimalist and Elemental foundations in different shades.
From first glance the Minimalist is very lightweight and sheer while the Elemental has more coverage. I like the Lauress foundations because unlike some of the other mineral foundations I swatched the darker colors don't give off a whitish cast. So this one is staying in my makeup kit :) I noticed that both
formulas give off some slight shimmer. It's so subtle, almost angelic. The Pearl Lights were not really pigmented, at least not the ones I picked The Gem Lights were really glittery. But it's more like finely milled glitter. I bought three of the Simply Matte blushes which were alright, but I've seen better. My fave was blissful.

I finally can post pictures whoohoo.

From top to bottom Radiant Ivory Elemental, Warm Neutral Elemental, and Radiant Gold Minimalist

From left to right: Warm Tan Elemental, Soft Fawn Elemental, Radiant Tan Minimalist, Radiant Fawn Minimalist

Matte Blush in Blissful, Sassy and Harvest

From Left to Right: Pearl Lights in Casual Chic and Mochaccino. Gem Lights in Radiant and Energy.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Recession Shopping Part Deux! the mineral issue

My other post was on drugstore makeup this will be on those lovely online mineral makeup shops.

For review I have Meow Cosmetics and Lumiere.

Lets start with Lumiere. Very Affordable brand lots of different colors and formula options. Sample sizes are only $1.00

This is Light Warm, Light medium Neutral, Light Golden in the Flawless foundation set

This is Medium Deep Beige, Deep Golden and Deep Warm in the Flawless Foundation set

This is Light warm, Light Golden, and Deep Golden in the luminese set. I love the blendability of this formula.

This is light warm, light golden and deep warm from the Cashmere formula.

This is Deep Golden from the Cashmere formula and the next one is Light Golden from Veena Velvet fromula.

Meow Cosmetics Frisky Chartreux, Frisky Abyssinian Frisky Ocicat

Frisky Korat, Frisky Siamese

Fierce Abyssinian, Fierce Korat, Fierce Ocicat

Meow cosmetics blush in Delusions, Harlot, Sassy.

ScandalEyes in Winona Ryder.

Recession Shopping!!

The economy is hitting my blogging hard. lol. So I decided to go to my local Walgreens, Rite Aid, Duane Reade and Butala Emporium to recession shop and find out what new goodies are out there for us shallow pocket gals .

I found some goodies and some duds. Overall I found out I should avoid shopping at Duane Reade. They have the most upto date stuff but their prices are crazy! I bought more at Rite Aide and still paid about $20 less. Crazy no? I went to Walgreens on 3rd Ave and 67th and I hate it. They have nothing. It's the worst place ever. I actually went in hunt of the famous Merlot moisturizer and of course they didn't have it. This week I'll try to venture into CVS and maybe another Rite Aide since they have so many and Rite Aide has Awesome discount. Like buy one get one free, get stuff 40% off etc. Their prices are the best. Also at my local Rite Aide on Roosevelt and 51st that one is in Queens they even let me swatch stuff. I ended up not buying the new Physician's Formula organic foundation because of that. That think reaks. Butala Emporium is a store in Jackson Heights they have cool toiletries and many versions of Kajal.

This was my haul.

I have Loreal 114 in tender pink, 590 in Blushing Berry, 809 in Aishwarya's Beige ( I really heart Ash) this color looks like a natural/shimmer version of my lips, and 775 in Spiced Cider. Overall I find these moisturizing. Not so pigmented more like a glaze and heavily scented. I also bought Loreal hip color presso in Chic and Snazy, I was dissapoineted in these they are not heavily pigmented as I expected. The colors are great and the texture is like the Mac Lip gelee. The Revlon matte lippie in 003 Mauve it over is awesome. I want to buy all of them. I love it. It's matte and it's moisturizing weird. I absolutely love it. I have other Revlon Creme Glosses which were ok, not so pigmented but still decent The Creme Gloss in 030 Strike a Rose is not my favourite there is no real pigment and a lot of pearlized shimmer. The Revlon Beyond Natural Cream lipglosses in 160 berry and 120 rosy are also similar to the mac lip gelee and they have a weird cupcake like smell. Still I like them. The Sally Hanson lacquer shine in 40 jasmine lasts forever! But I hated the color ewwww. The maybelline 3xl lip plumper in 510 wine is ok it doesn't last very long. I like the dispenser it reminds me of the Lipfusion ones but this one is not very pigmented. The maybelline oil free pure makeup foundation in light 2, really surprised me. I love the light texture, there are lots of color choices. It is like a tinted moisturizer for oily skin. A+ in my book. The Covergirl wetslick in fig spritzer was another dud. I was lured by the possibility of it really smelling/tasting like fig. It did not. I recently discovered fig this last year and it's now my favourite fruit. I don't know how I spent all these years without it. It's like nectar from the heavens. But this lipgloss is like nasty chocolate. :( And the color is awful. Jane Agua ceuticals sheer tinted moisturizer in spf30 for fair tones is not bad but I hate the lack of choices. I am fair but this was a pink undertone that looks plain bad on me and the next one up was too dark. Waaa. Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Kajal is very soft and goes on easily reminds me of Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero but I would not put this on my waterline. It's waxy, runs (aka coon eyes), it's tiny and expensive. On the upside it's easy to smudge and stays put. The Neutrogena intense moisture therapy lip boost and Nivea kiss of rejuvenation q10 spf4 lipcare I need more time to review. :)
Above from left to right is 809 Aishwarya Beige, 775 spiced cider, 114 in tender pink, 590 in blushing berry all from Loreal. Next is Revlon matte in mauve it over. Revlon Creme gloss in strike a rose. Revlon beyond Natural lipgloss in 160 berry and the last one is Revlon Beyond Natural lipglass in 120 Rosy.
Above is Sally Hanson Lip Lacquer 40 in Jasmine, Covergirl wetslicks in Fig Spritzer, Maybelline 3xl lip plumper in 510 in Wine. Loreal Hip in Snazy and last one is Loreal Hip in Chic.
The above is the Himalaya Herbal Kajal, Maybelline Oil free Pure Makeup in #2 and Jane AquaCeuticals in fair. Both foundations are applied heavily in the left and blended in the right.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Givenchy Maharani Henna and Bliss Peeling Groovy.

OMG I love Givenchy Maharani Henna. It's a rich reddish orange color. Reminds me of India. Hell, Anyone who knows me knows I love anything India. The only con is the smell and taste. Heavily perfumed, reminds me of l'oreal lipsticks in that sense. :( But the color is fantastic, applied lightly it's like a stain. Definately top quality there.

I don't like the packaging. It's cute but bulky.

The liner on the left is lakme and the one on the right is hasmi and that's maharani henna.

Here is a closeup with lakme liner on top and hasmi on the bottom.

Since we are talking about things Indian. I'll talk about two of my beloved eyeliners. I have Lakme kajal pencil and Hashmi Kajal which is actually bengali I think. lol. I got it from Jackson Heights, we usually food shop in Apna Bazaar or Patel Bros. My husband is from Nepal so he doesn't care where he shops as long as he gets some good deals lol. The only thing that annoys me is that I don't find that many options in beauty products in Jackson Heights. I bought a lot of my Lakme goodies when I went to India but I can't be waiting to go there every two years. Humph! Anyways, back to the reveiw. The Hashmi one is harder and when you apply it to the water line that thing stays put! I still had it after washing and waking up the next day. I love it. It's a deep sexy color that screams Bollywood. The Lakme one is soft and applies smoothly and dark. it does budge so you can end up with coon eyes if you apply it to the waterline. But I use as an eyeliner for that thick liner, it doesn't tug and leaves you with a lovely dark almost liquid look.

Here are the liners in their glory. Lakme is more user friendly in it's thick pencil form while Hasmi is a cone shaped kajal hard to sharpen.
Bliss Peeling Groovy is the repackaged reformulated Sleeping Peel. It's a heavy duty filligrin based exfoliant . It's great for all skin types. And unlike some AHA good for ethnic and sensitive skin types. And it works! In fact, after three days of using it my husband comes home and tells me, wow. I love your makeup your face is glowing what did you do? wasn't the makeup hon, it's my new skin. My skin was also very soft. I suffer from heavy duty congestion. No doubt from my non existant diet ( though I'll have my dear readers know. As of Feb 1st, my husband put me on the south beach diet. That thing really works one week later i'm still hungry but faithful. I've noticed my breasts and hips go down. Which most people wouldn't be too happy about, but I'm still good I'm a 36C now not a 36D. lol I also notice a lot less bloating.)Anyway, my congestion is gone. One down side. I was using it for 2 weeks straight and I'm noticing some dryness so I'm a bit worried. Maybe I need a stronger moisturizer. I'll look into that soon. I apologize for my terrible skin. But my acne scars have lightened significantly, they use to be a mauvey color can you imagine ewww. And the texture, well my blackheads have reduced significantly and my skin is softer overall.

This picture is of my left cheek where I had heavy acne scars from cystic acne.

This picture is of my right cheek a little better but still needs work.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation and Concealer

Whoa this Studio Sculpt foundation is light yet provides medium to full coverage. The concealer is moist and has a lot of slip. Overall I think it's ok for normal and dry combination skin types. I'm not to crazy about them, the foundation suffers from transfer problem and the concealer creases. If set correctly and applied with a light hand they are useful in HD photos/videos. Here is NC 20 and NC 42 in foundation and the concealers are NW 15 and NC42.

Foundations in NC 20 and NC45 applied heavily and then blended.

Concealers in NW15 and NC 45 applied heavily and then blended.

Mac Creamteam Collection swatches

I looooove the Creamteam collection, I love the texture and feel. The lips remain super hydrated. The colors are pretty nice too. The only one I wasn't too crazy about was Looks like Sin. It doesn't apply evenly. And Fashion Scoop and Ever so Rich have no pigment to them. Overall the lipglosses aren't pigmented, I don't mind I like the feel and texture.

The above picture contains from top to bottom the following lipglass colors Boy bait, Partial to pink, Melt in your mouth, Petite indulgence, creme anglaise, looks like sin

the pictures above contain swatches from top to bottom of the following colors cream cup, shy girl, crosswires, lickable, creme in your coffee, spice is nice, and hold up.

Mac Hello Kitty Collection

This is my haul today. My wallet is hurting badly :(

I'm not to crazy about the collection, even though I am a fan of Hello Kitty. The colors were ok, but I think I have things like this from mac. For example Fashion Frenzy and Tippy are very similar, and the list goes on. And even though I didn't get my Mac Pro Discount I bought some Hello Kitty Goodies just to have them. This are swatches from what I got.

This is the hello kitty tattoo I got. I got massaged by a sexy man wearing pleather tights and a kitty head. lol. The eye is from the Lucky Tom Palette.
The above swatch contains the lipglass mimmy, sweet strawberry followed by the lipsticks cutester, big bow and most popular and lastly the tinted lip conditioner in popster

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stila Barbie Collection in Foxy and Stila Pearl Pallette.

So far these are my buys from the Stila Spring Collection.
I bought the Stila Pearl Pallette and the Barbie can in Foxy.

The Pearl Pallette is really nice. It's small and chic. The shimmers in the eyeshadows are subtle, and the colors are right on cue for the Spring. I found these eyeshadows a little more powdery than the regulars. Especially the white/pearly one. It just seems to get all over the place. Maybe it's just me. I apologize for the pictures, I think my flash dulled the colors they are brighter in real life.

The Stila Foxy collection is awesome. She's my favorite from the collection. The colors are very neutral. Wearable for work etc. The Lip glaze I was disapointed with. I expected something with more color like on the Foxy barbie. Maybe something like their regular collection collection in coral which is a nice popular color for the season. Overall I'm in love. I wish I could afford to buy another one from the collection:)