Monday, February 9, 2009

Givenchy Maharani Henna and Bliss Peeling Groovy.

OMG I love Givenchy Maharani Henna. It's a rich reddish orange color. Reminds me of India. Hell, Anyone who knows me knows I love anything India. The only con is the smell and taste. Heavily perfumed, reminds me of l'oreal lipsticks in that sense. :( But the color is fantastic, applied lightly it's like a stain. Definately top quality there.

I don't like the packaging. It's cute but bulky.

The liner on the left is lakme and the one on the right is hasmi and that's maharani henna.

Here is a closeup with lakme liner on top and hasmi on the bottom.

Since we are talking about things Indian. I'll talk about two of my beloved eyeliners. I have Lakme kajal pencil and Hashmi Kajal which is actually bengali I think. lol. I got it from Jackson Heights, we usually food shop in Apna Bazaar or Patel Bros. My husband is from Nepal so he doesn't care where he shops as long as he gets some good deals lol. The only thing that annoys me is that I don't find that many options in beauty products in Jackson Heights. I bought a lot of my Lakme goodies when I went to India but I can't be waiting to go there every two years. Humph! Anyways, back to the reveiw. The Hashmi one is harder and when you apply it to the water line that thing stays put! I still had it after washing and waking up the next day. I love it. It's a deep sexy color that screams Bollywood. The Lakme one is soft and applies smoothly and dark. it does budge so you can end up with coon eyes if you apply it to the waterline. But I use as an eyeliner for that thick liner, it doesn't tug and leaves you with a lovely dark almost liquid look.

Here are the liners in their glory. Lakme is more user friendly in it's thick pencil form while Hasmi is a cone shaped kajal hard to sharpen.
Bliss Peeling Groovy is the repackaged reformulated Sleeping Peel. It's a heavy duty filligrin based exfoliant . It's great for all skin types. And unlike some AHA good for ethnic and sensitive skin types. And it works! In fact, after three days of using it my husband comes home and tells me, wow. I love your makeup your face is glowing what did you do? wasn't the makeup hon, it's my new skin. My skin was also very soft. I suffer from heavy duty congestion. No doubt from my non existant diet ( though I'll have my dear readers know. As of Feb 1st, my husband put me on the south beach diet. That thing really works one week later i'm still hungry but faithful. I've noticed my breasts and hips go down. Which most people wouldn't be too happy about, but I'm still good I'm a 36C now not a 36D. lol I also notice a lot less bloating.)Anyway, my congestion is gone. One down side. I was using it for 2 weeks straight and I'm noticing some dryness so I'm a bit worried. Maybe I need a stronger moisturizer. I'll look into that soon. I apologize for my terrible skin. But my acne scars have lightened significantly, they use to be a mauvey color can you imagine ewww. And the texture, well my blackheads have reduced significantly and my skin is softer overall.

This picture is of my left cheek where I had heavy acne scars from cystic acne.

This picture is of my right cheek a little better but still needs work.


  1. hey I actually live in Jackson Heights and am looking to try the hashmi liner. Where did you say you got it from? The Apna Bazaar?? Isn't that a grocery store?

  2. The first time I bought the liner I bought it at Apna Bazaar. It is a grocery store off of 74th street, they have a tiny beauty section toward the front of the store on the far right side. Also try Butala Emporium...super expensive but they always have lots of beauty goodies. The second time I bought my liners from Ebay and they were so cheap. I love the Hashmi. It's super intense for the water line and I feel it doesn't fade as much as the other ones which are more waxy.