Monday, February 23, 2009

The hunt for good skincare.

I recently discovered The Body Shop (thanks to our friend the Muse from She is awesome. Her post on the Moroccan rose collection gave me enough temptation to wander into their Lexington location. I was shoe shopping and I came out of the last of four stores I looked in (Naturalizer). They didn't have my size and I was really mad/depressed so I was like what the heck let me go in. Inside I found an empty store with two sales associates and a security guard. One lovely lady spotted me heading to the Vitamin E skincare line(rose is one of my favourite scents and I really wanted to get it) But it's not my skin type. lol. Anyway, I was pleased to see the high quality and affordability of the Body Shop's skincare. They have something for everyone dry, oily, combo, mature, sensitive, men and baby! Whoooooa! They also had a buy two get one free sale.

I ended up buying the tea tree oil blemish stick for my occasional zits ( she warned me that this wasn't for my skin type but that it would be ok for occasional acne) It buuuurned. :( I usually like tea tree but this was strong. It did minimize my acne right away but might not be for sensitive skin types like me.

The Moroccan Rose collection is lovely. The smell is strong but not overwhelming like Bath and Body works products ( sorry, I used to be their fan when I was younger but now most of their moisturizers etc just hurt my nose) I bought the spray on body lotion. I love it. It's easy to use absorbs right in and leaves the smell on for a while (like half the day) It's so boho I love it. I can't wait until summer so I can smell of roses and annoy people on the train. Ahh the joy.

( disclaimer I'm going to digress into a religious topic for those of you who may be sensitive)
Speaking of smells today is Shivratri a night dedicated to the adoration of Lord Shiva who saved all creation from the poison "halahala" during the churning of the sea by the gods and demons in their quest to obtain "amrita" the nectar of immortality. Shiv held this poison in his throat. Shiva is one of the supreme gods in Hinduism. Especially for Shaivites. Shiva is the destroyer dissolves ignorance "maya" and creation. Today people also pray to the Shivalingam, which is a symbol of Shiva, by offering milk, money and flowers to it. Religious yogis and Sadhus in Nepal also smoke "ganja" or cannabis. Lol sometimes they offer it in the "prasad" or blessed food. Sorry for the religious note, I just went to the temple this morning with my husband and we did all this prayer for lord Shiva. As some of you may know I'm married to a Nepali man who is a traditional Hindu so I get to be a participant in these religious events.
( done with the religious topic)

PS I hope I didn't offend anyone. I tried to depict the festivity as accurately as my husband told me and I researched. Plus I minored in religion and majored in anthropology so these things just excite me.

Back to the body Shop.
I also bought the seaweed mattifying day cream and the seaweed iconic clay mask. The cream is ok. It smells nice and clean but it is ok mattifying for winter when my oil production is slower or but it's not really hydrating. In the summer I'm sure the hydration will be ok but I doubt this will really stop the oil flow. If you use it make sure to have blotters handy. I'm pleased with the mask so far. The congestion (blackheads and gunk) on my nose is slowly decreasing.

I also bought the Almond oil Daily hand and nail cream. It smells really nice and leaves your hands soft and silky (something very important for me since I do facials for a living). I notice my cuticles look less frayed (from all that dish washing waaaa!) but I need more testing to see how it works on my nails long term.

I have full faith that I will be making more stops into that Body Shop in the future.

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