Monday, February 23, 2009

My Lauress is here!

This is part of that mineral recession shopping list. Lauress a mineral company dedicated to bringing out women's natural beauty. They didn't take long in shipping but it's been waiting for my at my building's management office. I just haven't had time to pick it up during it's open hours. But finally it's in my hands and ready to be swatched for you.
I bought only the Minimalist and Elemental foundations in different shades.
From first glance the Minimalist is very lightweight and sheer while the Elemental has more coverage. I like the Lauress foundations because unlike some of the other mineral foundations I swatched the darker colors don't give off a whitish cast. So this one is staying in my makeup kit :) I noticed that both
formulas give off some slight shimmer. It's so subtle, almost angelic. The Pearl Lights were not really pigmented, at least not the ones I picked The Gem Lights were really glittery. But it's more like finely milled glitter. I bought three of the Simply Matte blushes which were alright, but I've seen better. My fave was blissful.

I finally can post pictures whoohoo.

From top to bottom Radiant Ivory Elemental, Warm Neutral Elemental, and Radiant Gold Minimalist

From left to right: Warm Tan Elemental, Soft Fawn Elemental, Radiant Tan Minimalist, Radiant Fawn Minimalist

Matte Blush in Blissful, Sassy and Harvest

From Left to Right: Pearl Lights in Casual Chic and Mochaccino. Gem Lights in Radiant and Energy.

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