Monday, February 16, 2009

Recession Shopping Part Deux! the mineral issue

My other post was on drugstore makeup this will be on those lovely online mineral makeup shops.

For review I have Meow Cosmetics and Lumiere.

Lets start with Lumiere. Very Affordable brand lots of different colors and formula options. Sample sizes are only $1.00

This is Light Warm, Light medium Neutral, Light Golden in the Flawless foundation set

This is Medium Deep Beige, Deep Golden and Deep Warm in the Flawless Foundation set

This is Light warm, Light Golden, and Deep Golden in the luminese set. I love the blendability of this formula.

This is light warm, light golden and deep warm from the Cashmere formula.

This is Deep Golden from the Cashmere formula and the next one is Light Golden from Veena Velvet fromula.

Meow Cosmetics Frisky Chartreux, Frisky Abyssinian Frisky Ocicat

Frisky Korat, Frisky Siamese

Fierce Abyssinian, Fierce Korat, Fierce Ocicat

Meow cosmetics blush in Delusions, Harlot, Sassy.

ScandalEyes in Winona Ryder.

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