Monday, February 16, 2009

Recession Shopping!!

The economy is hitting my blogging hard. lol. So I decided to go to my local Walgreens, Rite Aid, Duane Reade and Butala Emporium to recession shop and find out what new goodies are out there for us shallow pocket gals .

I found some goodies and some duds. Overall I found out I should avoid shopping at Duane Reade. They have the most upto date stuff but their prices are crazy! I bought more at Rite Aide and still paid about $20 less. Crazy no? I went to Walgreens on 3rd Ave and 67th and I hate it. They have nothing. It's the worst place ever. I actually went in hunt of the famous Merlot moisturizer and of course they didn't have it. This week I'll try to venture into CVS and maybe another Rite Aide since they have so many and Rite Aide has Awesome discount. Like buy one get one free, get stuff 40% off etc. Their prices are the best. Also at my local Rite Aide on Roosevelt and 51st that one is in Queens they even let me swatch stuff. I ended up not buying the new Physician's Formula organic foundation because of that. That think reaks. Butala Emporium is a store in Jackson Heights they have cool toiletries and many versions of Kajal.

This was my haul.

I have Loreal 114 in tender pink, 590 in Blushing Berry, 809 in Aishwarya's Beige ( I really heart Ash) this color looks like a natural/shimmer version of my lips, and 775 in Spiced Cider. Overall I find these moisturizing. Not so pigmented more like a glaze and heavily scented. I also bought Loreal hip color presso in Chic and Snazy, I was dissapoineted in these they are not heavily pigmented as I expected. The colors are great and the texture is like the Mac Lip gelee. The Revlon matte lippie in 003 Mauve it over is awesome. I want to buy all of them. I love it. It's matte and it's moisturizing weird. I absolutely love it. I have other Revlon Creme Glosses which were ok, not so pigmented but still decent The Creme Gloss in 030 Strike a Rose is not my favourite there is no real pigment and a lot of pearlized shimmer. The Revlon Beyond Natural Cream lipglosses in 160 berry and 120 rosy are also similar to the mac lip gelee and they have a weird cupcake like smell. Still I like them. The Sally Hanson lacquer shine in 40 jasmine lasts forever! But I hated the color ewwww. The maybelline 3xl lip plumper in 510 wine is ok it doesn't last very long. I like the dispenser it reminds me of the Lipfusion ones but this one is not very pigmented. The maybelline oil free pure makeup foundation in light 2, really surprised me. I love the light texture, there are lots of color choices. It is like a tinted moisturizer for oily skin. A+ in my book. The Covergirl wetslick in fig spritzer was another dud. I was lured by the possibility of it really smelling/tasting like fig. It did not. I recently discovered fig this last year and it's now my favourite fruit. I don't know how I spent all these years without it. It's like nectar from the heavens. But this lipgloss is like nasty chocolate. :( And the color is awful. Jane Agua ceuticals sheer tinted moisturizer in spf30 for fair tones is not bad but I hate the lack of choices. I am fair but this was a pink undertone that looks plain bad on me and the next one up was too dark. Waaa. Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Kajal is very soft and goes on easily reminds me of Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero but I would not put this on my waterline. It's waxy, runs (aka coon eyes), it's tiny and expensive. On the upside it's easy to smudge and stays put. The Neutrogena intense moisture therapy lip boost and Nivea kiss of rejuvenation q10 spf4 lipcare I need more time to review. :)
Above from left to right is 809 Aishwarya Beige, 775 spiced cider, 114 in tender pink, 590 in blushing berry all from Loreal. Next is Revlon matte in mauve it over. Revlon Creme gloss in strike a rose. Revlon beyond Natural lipgloss in 160 berry and the last one is Revlon Beyond Natural lipglass in 120 Rosy.
Above is Sally Hanson Lip Lacquer 40 in Jasmine, Covergirl wetslicks in Fig Spritzer, Maybelline 3xl lip plumper in 510 in Wine. Loreal Hip in Snazy and last one is Loreal Hip in Chic.
The above is the Himalaya Herbal Kajal, Maybelline Oil free Pure Makeup in #2 and Jane AquaCeuticals in fair. Both foundations are applied heavily in the left and blended in the right.

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