Friday, March 6, 2009

The Body Shop haulage part deux.

Ever since I discovered The Body Shop I've been gaga over it. It's great quality for the price. I know I'm betraying my workplace the motherland of all things beauty but sometimes a girl's pocket isn't that deep and what do you do? You bargain hunt!

This time I was sad that my two ladies weren't there. Well actually one of the girls was there just shopping and she recognized me and greeted me. Whoohoo. She's such a doll. Otherwise they were pretty understaffed. Two girls at the register and one security. I don't mind not being helped but I was tempted to buy a serum so I was thinking either the seaweed line or the vitamin E line and I brought it along to the register to ask for help on choosing. The girl was not your best rep. She was annoyed that I was buying all three toners. The tea tree, the seaweed and the Vit E. I explained to her that I blog and sometimes do facials for friends and family and I like to try different things but she was rather rude. I've been kind of PO'd because lately I'm finding a lot of rude people. Yesterday, I was looking for the international dermal institute on 39th and 5th and I knew I was close but couldn't for the life of me remember the address so I step into the manhattan library. I'm not from ny and I'm used to tiny user friendly libraries. So in the interest of time I ask the information lady who was reading a book. And I say excuse me. And she looks at me with I wish you were dead how dare you interrupt me eyes and says Yes in a nasty attitude and I was where can I find phone books? and she goes " Forth floor" really snobbishly and I'm thinking spring is almost here there is no need for this nonsense but I say thank you and walk away briskly. That is so sad. Good people are really need for jobs yet people like that don't appreciate what they have. That really worries me.
(finished with the rant)

Anyway, back to my delicious haulage.

Vitamin E line:
I got the Hydrating Toner which is allowed for all skin types I have to say I love the smell of roses way too much. I have to say this is for drier skin types
The Vitamin E moisture Lotion SPF 15 it has both uva/uvb protectionfor it says for all skin types smells great. Absorbs quickly and doesn't leave that whitish cast. I would say it's more for the drier skin types because it takes a little longer to absorb on my oilier areas.
The Vitamin E gentle facial cleansing Wipes for all skin types smells great. Kind of like baby powder? didn't irritate me at all which the mac wipes do. :( Only thing it doesn't do a great job with the waterproof makeup.
The Vitamin E lip care spf 15. It doesn't smell very much or taste great but it does leave lips soft with a slight glossy finish.

Seaweed line:
The seaweed clarifying toner smells super clean. The seaweed line is my favourite. I'm glad they are coming out with good things for combo skin. It feels good. leaves skin clean and soft.

The tea tree line:
The tea tree oil facial toner whoa this stuff is strong. definitely for the oily skin types. I used it on my t-zone and two zits on my cheek and it wiped it clean baby! It smells strong of alcohol and tea tree oil. When you put it on it's rather refreshing but does not sting.

I also bought a cute mini facial brush for 3 bucks whoohoo. So far it feels soft and it fits in my purse. Ill be going to visit my parents over night and I'll be using this. I'll let you know how it works.

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