Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sephora Haul!

I wandered in looking for the Dior addict lipgloss. But I didn't find the shade I wanted. I ended up getting the Givenchy Magic Kajal eyeliner the Nars seniorita lip color, Dior addict ultra gloss reflect in lace beige 587, Bare Escentuals lip tint in Melonie, Lorac couture shine liquid lipstick in elite. Bare Escentuals new Natural sunscreen spf 30 in Light, Clarins High Definition Body Lift.

Swatches from Left to Right: Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in Lace Beige, Nars lipstick in Seniorita, Bare Escentuals lip tint in Melonie, Lorac Couture Shine Liquid Lipcolor in Elite and the Givenchy Magic Kajal eyeliner.

I love the Dior Addict gloss. It has high shine and does not feel sticky even though the coverage can be sheer to medium. And a lot less perfume than the creme du gloss. The Nars Lipstick in Seniorita looks really nice. It's a great spring color. Sheer like your lips but better color. The Bare Escentuals lip tint in Melonie has a very nice non sticky light feel. The color payoff isn't great though :( The Lorac Couture Shine liquid Lipcolor in Elite is a very creamy medium coverage color. Nice colors to choose from. The Givenchy Magic Kajal eyeliner was a bit price at 21.50 I expected more. I liked that this had less fragrance than their usual stuff. But it still irritated my eyes. (I'd say I'm a bit sensitive). The color payoff was amazing. It was so dark and so soft . I can see it's potential for awesome smoky eyes. The only thing when you wear it in your waterline it does tend to! So I put eyeshadow under it to help stop a little of that and I didn't have too many problems.

Feature above is the Bare Escentuals Natural Sunscreen Spf 30 in Light. This product confused me. At first I thought I wasn't really getting anything on. I saw the brush showed something was on it but my skin just felt smooth. So I went back to sephora and played with the Medium and tan and I did see good coverage. I have to give this product high ratings for it's very sheer coverage and light feel. I loved it. The down side is that the tan will not really work on dark skin tones looks very ashy.

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