Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MAC Attack!

MAC has been churning out the collections lately, Double Dazzle, Colour Ready and Viva Glam VI. I was hoping my local pro store had the Rose Romance collection out, but the punks didn't. So of course I head out with everything I don't need :( 
Above are swatches from my new acquisition. Oh Baby, Viva Glam V, Revealing tinted lipglasses Baby Sparks, Bare Necessity, Date Night dazzleglasses, Viva Glam V and VI lipsticks and the penultimate liner. I don't know if I like this liner, I need more testing.

Above is a picture of MAC's prep and prime line filler in action. It looks almost airbrushed. This stuff is amazing. 

I am banning myself from Henri Bendels. Where I usually do my shopping. I have some Mac MUAs there that are very nice. They have gotten used to to me coming every month for my updates, but the service I had at Laura Mercier and Chanel ( the chanel counter was especially rude, then the girl had the audacity to change her attitude when I whipped out the $280 purchase. Hypocrite tisk tisk.  ) made me put the store on my Do Not Shop List for bad customer service. I've had a bad experience with the Laura Mercier counter at Bloomingdales during one PA event . Also I had a bad experience with My Phia set order back in November so I put Bloomingdales on my Do Not Shop List. lol and if you are curious Bath and Body Works, The Body Shop, and Macy's are on my list too. I'm going to have to order my Mac or force myself down to the Pro store from now on. :( At least I still have Sephora and Nordstrom. Oh and I do shop online a lot. On the bright side I should be saving a lot more money. (which I need. I'm supposed to be going away to India/Nepal for two months. More on that later)
End of Rant. 

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