Monday, April 27, 2009

MoroccanOil, silky soft hair await you!

I have the moodiest hair. But I can't really blame it. It's been through a lot.  I rarely comb it and I wash it 3 times a week. Eek. It's always stuck in a lame pony tail :( That is when it's not fresh from the salon. And I rarely go to the salon. I've had my hair Japanese straightened (thermal reconditioning) twice. The second time around I went to a dingy place and ended up having to chop my below the booty hair to shoulder husband was far from happy. And sometime in May I'm supposed to have my hair relaxed with the Phyto Relaxer. Poor hair. 

Naturally my hair is wavy/curly and ultra frizzy. Let's just say there is so much frizz you can barely see the curls. And now that my Japanese straightening is growing out my hair really gets knotty in the back there for I try not to comb it. When I do wash it (ie comb it) I lose hair by the chunks.

Enter my latest Haul ~~~~~> 

There has been much buzz about the wonders of MoroccanOil and I must say, It's all true! The first thing I did when I purchased my little set was to slather on the oil treatment on my dry, frizzy brittle hair. and it was greasy. At least at first then about  half an hour later I go run a brush through it...and whoa! I could comb it! I ran my fingers through it and it was so soft and my frizz was tamed. Not to mention the shine my hair had, not the greasy kind of shine, but the healthy hair kind of lustre.  I'm just too excited for this product. It's pricey but the results are worth it. Best of all this stuff is all based on Argan oil, that miraculous oil that repairs, hydrates and nourishes :) Aside from the Oil Treatment I got the Cream and the hair Mask. The mask I have yet to try, but the styling cream was great, it hydrated my hair and tamed the frizz. All the products have a nice light scent.  

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