Sunday, May 24, 2009

My experience at Phyto Universe

Lol. Look at my cheeks. I just want to pinch them :P Anyway, as you can see I have so much body and shine. My hair looks healthy and strong! I am in love.

My friend modeling by the front entrance. She also did the Phyto Relaxer but in index 2. hair hair had a lot of damage prior to the treatment and look at it now. So healthy! Look at the beautiful living wall. 

So I was lucky enough to be selected as a model for hair retexturizing at Phyto Universe. March of last year I had my hair permanently straightened though thermal reconditioning (Japanese straightener). I did it two years prior to that and had some good results (but the ends of my hair that had been colored feel off (it only works on virgin hair sorry folks) My hair looks unnaturally straight dead even. ( I liked it that way) but my husband and some coworkers didn't agree it had no body/life. It took about two months of hair growth for my hair to finally regain some body. After the third month my hair had so much damage I had to chop it off to shoulder length. I used to have my hair up to my booty. It was sad to part with it. but I liked the change anyway. Now I had about six inches of new growth and I was miserable. My hair is curly/wavy with a fuzzball of frizz. There seems to be nothing that will help tame that mess. I used No Frizz, Aveda, Fekkai drug store brands, pro brands and nothing. so I was anxious to have it relaxed especially when I heard Phyto uses a natural soy and egg based relaxer. The experience was very relaxing. The atmosphere at phytouniverse is Divine. The place is like a tropical oasis from their cabin like rooms to their living wall of diverse plants. The music was soothing, the staff were loving. The only thing I didn't like were their European style white basins they were a little uncomfortable. Back to the relaxer, you can get it online, in salons and at sephoras. It doesn't have a very strong smell and I noticed my hair was stronger and shinier than after most relaxers. I used Index 1 for delicate/ thin hair. If you do use it at home you'll need a little patience, it takes a bit longer to work than other relaxers. It's really easy to use though, everything you need from the pretreatment, treatment and post treatment is in the box with detailed instructions.

At home care recommendations . Phytophanere- these pills work wonders for your hair to grow healthy, strong and fast. Also helps with the skin and nails. Phytospecific Integral Hair Care, this stuff is super light weights and helps soften frizz, detangles and keeps hair hydrated and nourished.

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