Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Self Tanning Craze!

So...I'm pretty pale. One of the palest latinas in my family. I'm not really into bronzing or tanning so I'm always stumped when customers ask me what I recommend. So I went on a little self tanning spree to see what I find out. Here are my results after seven hours:
Above from Top to bottom is a swatch of Dior iris, lancome flash bronzer oil free face, lancome flash bronzer legs, lancome flash bronzer mousse. 

From left to right is mystic tan spray, clarins self tanning emulsion, clarins self tanning  gel, clarins delicious self tanning cream
Above from top to bottom is bliss a tan for all seasons, dior natural face, dior natural glow body, dior shimmer glow body

from left to right is clarins self tanning gel, clarins delicious self tanning cream, fusion light spray and fusion medium spray. 
Mystic Tan sunless face and body spray
Spray type, hard to spray evenly even at a distance it likes to run and concentrate :(. Not supposed to rub after using but best results occur when you rub it in or use a moisturizer over it which will lift some color but at least it will be even. I do find this slightly drying as well. Light smell. Super deep color, not orangey at all.

Sevin Nyne
Really nice smell. Comes out in a lovely fine mist, but it can squirt if you don't give it a break.  You see color right away. Slightly orange but more brown base. Does not last very long.  

Self tanning instant gel
Very light natural color, really bad heavy smell. Leaves the skin nice and silky. 

Self tanning instant milk
Light natural color, a bit oily. Heavy smell. Skin is left moisturized. 

Delicious self tanning cream
Looks scary in the jar. Does not turn out as glittery on the skin. Very nice natural color. Less smelly than the others.

Dior bronze self tanner natural glow face
Super light weight. Absorbs instantly. No bad smell

Dior bronze self tanner shimmer glow body
Super light tan with a slight shimmer. Very natural looking. No bad smell

Dior bronze self tanner natural glow body
Wow nice deep natural looking color. Works on all skin types. silky and absorbs instantly. No bad smell. 

Flash bronzer instant color self tanning leg gel
Light color and smell. Feels very moisturizing.

Flash bronzer medium color oil free tinted self tanning lotion for face
Smells great. Gel like consistency. Nice deep color. Moisturizing and long wearing. 

A tan for all seasons
Does not spray evenly and looks purply. No orangey color. Dries fast with no transfer. Medium tan odor.  Slight smell. 
Fusion Beauty

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