Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Victoria Secret Makeup 75% off!!

Whoa. I was never one for Victoria Secret makeup but at 75% off who could resist? Lippies for $3, Eye shadows for $3 palettes for $4 and $5. Awesome deal! Elbowed my way into the bin and this is what I got:

What a mega haul no? Can you believe I paid $84 with tax for all this stuff? Darn and I had a $10 off card at home too. that would have been $74. Ah~mazing! The shine serum was the most expensive thing I bought for $13. I just love the way it makes my hair smell. So sexy! :Sigh: I only wish they would come up with a new one without the dimethicone and the serious alcohol. 
lippies from left to right; 
G, Kiss Me, Sweet Nothing, Love Bite, Exhibitionist, V.I.P., Satin Sheets, Stiletto, Melt, Sweet Release, Don't Stop. 

Kiss Me is an example of their glittery lipsticks

Satin Sheet is an example of their shimmer lipsticks

Don't Stop is an example of their opaque cream lipsticks

Exhibitionist is an example of their glaze lipsticks

 Top to bottom; Between the sheets and Lights Out silky eye shadows and Knowing palette

All Night and Front Row mosaic eyeshadow palettes. 

M35 Flawless Cream Makeup w/ spf 30, Exclusive mosaic eye shadow palette and Afterglow mosaic blush.  I know that's not my color. I actually bought it for my mommy. I think her skin will react well with this product. 


  1. Wow! Great haulage dear! I've got SO Sexy hair serum not long ago too. Want to try their eyeshadows!

  2. Some of them have good pigment in them. I liked the sultry palette but my Victoria Secret was all sold out. :( Plus at $4 a pop who can resist?