Monday, May 11, 2009

Yves Saint Laurant

Yay! I've been lemming this lippie for a while now. So I finally bought it. whoohoo. The Rouge Volupte lipstick in #2 sensual silk and it is like nothing I've own. It is so silky and pigmented. At $34 it's not cheap either. But it's worth it, everything from the packaging to the texture and wear of this lippie is perfect. The ombres 5 lumieres, five color harmony in#6 garden of eden has great packaging and I'm in love with the darkest green, but I'm not crazy about the palette as a whole. I also got the Dior addict lip glow which enhances the lips and has spf 10. I love it, feels so nice and smooth on the lips. It's a hint of color, kind of like the ogloss from smashbox. Over priced but nice to have anyway. 

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