Monday, June 29, 2009

My latest haul.

I got some random goodies. 
I was on the hunt for a new powder. I'm combination skin and lately, my nose and cheeks are getting super oily so I need something that stays on and looks light weight ( I want to look naked I tell you !) I have a lot of redness in my skin so I just want to cover that. I got the High Definition powder from Cargo in #20. It's perfect, blends like a dream and is super sheer.I also bought Mac Viva Glam lipstick in VI, Benefit silky finish lipstick in swoonderful. And a lovely huge bar of soap from Fresh in Sugar. This stuff is heavy duty will last for ever with it's triple milled formula. :) 

Above Cargo HD powder in #20, Viva Glam VI, and Benefit lipstick in swonderful

Friday, June 26, 2009

My MAC Euristocrats II haul ;)

Above is my latest haul from MAC. I got a little carried away. Especially since my favorite MA Sharonda was there. I love her she's super sweet and patient. And she showed me her Mac book with all the new looks and upcoming collections. Let me say there will be a lot of black and deep reds. Some glitter coming up and over all lots of color. 

Above is MAC eyeshadow in contrast and blackberry 

Above from top to bottom is MAC lipstick in sunsational, mac eversun powder blush, lipglass in buzz all from the Naked Honey collection, Then from the Euristocrats II collection I have MAC lipstick in naked paris,costa chic, saint germain, patisserie, and cockney

 Above I have More Euristocrats II collection the MAC dazzleglasses in date night, via veneto, rue d'roue, and lip pencil in magenta

Things just magically appear in my overflowing beauty trunk

I recently acquired some goodies for me to review. Lots of fun mascaras. The traditional Imuju fiberwig is great. A little clumpy but still gives length like no other. The new tiny sniper I hate. Super clumpy and the brush sucks! I also acquired some goodies from bare minerals. I already own the spf 30 in light and I'm super happy to get a new one because I love this stuff I use it everyday religiously. I haven't broken out yet and I break out really easy. And the coverage is really light which I love. unlike the original bare minerals I don't feel dry or overly made up. The 100% natural mineral gloss I love. The color is fun and very summery. Plus I love the texture and smell of bare minerals glosses! I also got the urban decay pocket rocket in Erik, lovely color very sheer. Doesn't smell to great. And the packaging....well let's not even go there :( The too faced mascara I've been dying to try. This one gives good volume and length. The fun part is that it's like the Blink Kiss Me mascara it comes off in little tubes!

Above is the Urban Decay Eric Pocket Rocket lipgloss and Bare Minerals Chiffon 100% lipgloss 

On the hunt for some good drugstore makeup!

The economy sucks and that's no joke. So I'm always on the hunt for some good drug store steals. Which usually fails...mainly because they never have testers but sometimes I find goodies like the L'Oreal true match super blendable compact and the Revlon Colorstay lipcolor. 

Above from Bottom to top I have L'Oreal true match super blendable compact makeup in w2 light ivory, maybelline colorsensational  in 205 nearly there and 615 summer sunset, Revlon colorstay lipcolor 370 cozy coral

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hyperpigmentation, your skin's worst enemy!

 Hyperpigmentation is caused by many things; sun damage, acne, menopause, pregnancy,trauma, age, products, peels, etc. The bad thing is once you have it, it's a pain to remove it!

The epidermis (skin) contains cells that are called melonocytes. These cells form the pigment called melanin which are one of the pigments that give color to your skin, hair and eyes. When these cells are damaged or over stimulated they will send out more melanin than usual causing hyperpigmentation. 


Best treatment is to avoid sun exposure and wear serious SPF when heading outdoors, you don't want to aggravate  and accelerate the damage that is already present ? 

Hydroquinone works by blocking melanin production and is available in various percentages, up to 2%(DDF, Obagi,and Murad) over the counter and up to 4% through prescription( lustra, claripel, and triluma).
possible side effects include redness, burning. In percentages from 6-10% it can cause skin caner and ochronosis (permanent darkening of the skin) with prolonged use or when one does not use sun protection. Products that use resorcinol in combination with hydroquinone can cause ochronosis in darker skin types. 
My picks: DDF Fade Gel 4, Murad Age spot and pigment lightening gel. 

Retinol and it's derivatives (vitamin A)
This powerful exfoliant will even help wrinkles by plumping the skin and promoting collagen production. Another plus is that it's a great antioxidant. Prescription Retin-A, Differin, and Tazorac. 
Side effects include redness, burning. 
My picks: Philosophy Save Me and Help Me, Dermadoctor poetry in lotion

Glycolic Acid is another exfoliant that can be gentle or harsh depending on it's percentage. Up to 20% over the counter and up to 70% in a doctor's office (ouch) The cool thing about glycolic acid is that it is found in lotions, pads, toners, everything !

Mendelic Acid derived from almonds is super mild and is also antibacterial which is great if you get hyperpigmentation from acne because it'll keep the acne at bay. Some good choices are MaMa lotion :) 

Vitamin C this exfoliant is very gentle.  Also stimulates the production of collagen. best one is Magnesium L Ascorbyl 2 phosphate  (MAP)  which is very stable, lightens and is also a great antioxidant. My picks: L'occitane Immortelle Brightening Renewing Serum. 

Kojic Acid is naturally derived from mushrooms (originally in Japan)  It works like hydroquinone by blocking melanin production. Another great feature of Kojic acid is that it's a great ROC scavenger (super antioxidant). One down side is that it has a higher tendency to cause contact dermatitis and toxicity. Maximum concentration allowed is 2% and best when combined with glycolic acid. My picks DDF intensive  holistic lightener,  SkinCeuticals Phyto +, Philosophy pigment of your immagination.

Arbutin is plant derived (bearberry)  and inhibits tyrosinase which inhibits the process through which melanin is produced. This one is the least effective on it's own but is non toxic and non irritating. My pics include  Shiseido Whitening line. 

Mulberry Extract another naturally derived product that inhibits tyrosinase. This one causes the least irritation. 
Fresh Appleseed Brightening Essence a potent mix of Vitamin C and mulberry extract. Ole Hendrickson Enlighten me pigment lightening serum. 

Licorice extract (glabridin) is the least toxic to melanocytes. Best for melasma because it inhibits tyrosinase and inflammation.  My pics: Dermadoctor Immaculate Correction.

Azelaic Acid inhibits tyrosinase and therefore can be used to treat hyperpigmentation. Best when combined with glycolic acid. Tends to cause more sensitivity than hydroquinone.

Laser treatments needs to be done by a qualified doctor only otherwise the risks outweighs it's success. The most sucessful laser treatments are with Fraxel lasers which uses a series of tiny closely spaced laser beams resulting in least irritation and redness. 

Preventative ingredients:

Soy which is said to help inhibit the protein that activates the melanocytes so they don't produce as much melanin. Most  importantly it helps strengthen the skin.

Niacinamide or vitamin b3 helps to stop the transfer of the melanosome (melanin color) from the melanocytes to the cells of the epidermis and produces even skin tone and reduces lines/wrinkles by stimulating collagen. Try Nia24 line

Alpha Hydroxy Acids- light peels will exfoliate the skin and remove a lot of the discoloration, any remaining discoloration will be easier to treat. Best ones, Glycolic, Mandelic. Try MD skincare they have exfoliating pads that mix glycolic, salicylic and lactic.

In the end, you should be careful not to bleach your skin too much. Once the pigmentation is significantly reduced or removed you should stop the treatment. Abusing these skin lighteners can strip your skin leaving it vulnerable to environmental damage since melanin is your natural skin defense against  UV damage. Which in turn and make the skin fragile. 

More Bobbi brown lippies!

Lol. Can you tell I have an obsession with Bobbi Brown lip colors? Well I'm bringing you some more swatches  from my latest Bloomingdales haul :) (sadly only place close to me to get me some bobbi brown :(  waaa!) 

Above from left to right are Bobbi Brown Metallic lipcolor in Gilded rose, lipcolor in heather mauve, and Creamy lipcolor in baby as well as  Laura Mercier creamy lipcolor in italian summer and foundation powder in #3 which had a strong smell and felt chalky :( 

Stila Charmed $10

Whoa. I got a tiny $10 haul. Lol. I love the new Stila charmed palette. Mostly because of the cute bindis, but the colors were nice and the pigment is great. My fav is the dark purple and the teal. The palette it self is packaged in an ugly cheap cardboard so I didn't mind only paying $10. I also got the Fresh mascara duo for $10. Awesome. I love these mascaras. The supernova is my fav of the two. It does give good volume for everyday, not spectacular though. But it's nice to have in the purse. Plus, the mascara is good for your lashes, it features meadowfoam and linden extracts as well as vitamin b5. The firebird is more for length. You'll definitely want to layer these two together and give it a few coats. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New goodies from Dior and Bobbi Brown Nude fall collection 2009

My recent haul from Dior and Bobby brown :) 

I love when I have a good SA. And this is what I have with Isidora from Bloomingdales in 59th and Lexington in NY. She is super sweet and patient. She doesn't mind showing you what's new and what she's passionate about and never ever ever gives attitude. And so every time I see her I drop at least $200. lol. But I'm not complaining with her I feel I will be going back often and I don't mind the crazy money spent. So if you are in the area please stop by and give her love. She's great. Now my other experience today at the Bobbi Brown counter...tisk tisk tisk. So within two months I've been to the Bobbi Brown counter three times. And I've dropped at least $150 each time because I found two SAs that were really nice. But today I went back and I got approached by a girl who was totally rude. She looked like she was South Asian and I hadn't seen her before.  I was really annoyed because she was rude all through the end and I got a big haul too. I left feeling like I have broken her testers. ( all I did was ask about the new collection and tell her that my last SA had recommended the creamy lip color and I liked them and I wanted a new lip wardrobe with those textures) The beast didn't even have to do any convincing I had to tell her what I wanted and I would have bought more but her attitude was disgusting. I hate needing to buy stuff because sometimes I just want to walk away and order online but since I was already there I got the stuff anyway.  Plus I was itching for the new fall line. I'm starting to feel like I should blacklist Bloomingdales again. :( Anyway, sorry for the rant. I know the economy sucks, but I just feel as an SA myself. If a client isn't giving you attitude, stealing, breaking stuff, asking for mad samples there is no reason for this treatment. SAs should appreciate that people want to buy and not try to push them away. 

Above are swatches from Bobbi Brown creamy lip color in blue raspberry,soft blush, twilight, rose bud, and long wear gel eyeliner in graphite

Above are swatches from the Bobbi Brown Nude Eye palette which contains Navajo/Pebble, Chino/Beige Linen Wash and Maple Sugar/Caviar duos

Above are swatches of my Dior haul I got the Dior addict ultra gloss reflect in 457 in pink liberty and 757 red stocking, the diorskin forever compact foundation in linen 021, followed by the new designer eye palette in amber design. I was kinda disappointed in the palette, it's really beautiful in terms of packaging, but the colors are not all they could be, two of them don't really show and the others are so so. I didn't get any of the others because I already own so many things like them. But this is definitely versatile, just not the best they have. 

Benefit Haulage

Above are two swatches from my latest lipstick acquisition. The colors are skinny dip and on the sly.

 I got my paws on one of benefit's new fragrances.I got the Laugh with me Lee lee which is a woody floral. The notes are citrus, jasmine and lily. It's light and fun. Perfect for summer. 

The have two other scents called My place or yours Gina a woody oriental with notes of pink pepper, wild raspberry and patchouli and Something about Sofia an oriental floral with mango and vanilla. 

The Body Butter from Lavanila in vanilla grapefruit smells so yummy. It's somewhat citrus somewhat sweet and oh so rich. 

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Face Atelier, perfect for light summer makeup.

Face Atelier  was founded by Debbie Bondar, she strives to make all women achieve  flawless stress free beauty with her high performance easy to use makeup line. The Ultra Foundation is the star of her line. It  is super light weight and easy to blend and apply. It's a dream come true. The coverage is medium to full coverage. And it looks almost airbrushed . It's silicone based. So you don't have to worry about creasing or that cakey look. Best of all it's oil free yet hydrating. They have  ten lovely shades plus they have two color correctors in zero minus and zero plus so you know you'll find the perfect match. Still scared to try? Well you can order samples like I did for $1 each, and they are generous too! I know I'll be ordering my full size real quick :) 
Here is what I tried: #2 ivory, #3 wheat, #4 sand, #5 sepia and #7 tan in that order from left to right.

I also tried the dual camouflage in medium. They don't have many shades, but finish is lovely. Plus they add a warm and cool color so you can mix to your heart's content. And last but not least the powder face powders in translucent and light. I love the feel and the finish of this powder. It disappears as soon as you apply it. It reminds of Becca's finishing powder but without the shimmer/sheen.
Above is the medium camouflage in warm and cool, then the translucent powder and light powder heavily swatched. 

Monday, June 8, 2009

My Beauty Fix is here!

I love sample boxes a great way to try new products without commitment, speaking of which sephora has their new best of Sephora sets featuring mascaras in regular and waterproof (remember the lash stash? well it's back and better than ever) plus they come color coated so you know which set you get. I want to collect all they also have featuring; face moisturizers, body moisturizers, high performance beauty (this one has bliss oxygenating eye mask in it). perfumes and lipsticks all from Vivabox. The prices range from $36 to $40. I love it. Most sephoras has this stash away it hasn't launched on the site yet, my local sephora had it in the cashiers area . But today we are going to talk about Beauty fix, the membership program that promises to let you sample top rated professional and spa grade products. 

In my beautyfix was included a lovely black case, a 7 day kit of raspberry jasmine flavored glowelle powder drink with a little case, a deluxe sample of 3 labs m cream which features the rare Swiss apple called uttweiler spatlauber Swiss apple. These tart bitter little buggers provide us with stems cells that help skin look younger less wrinkled. Stem cells from apples, sounds crazy and this cream is mad expensive. I'll donate it to my mother and see if she gives me a review. I received  a full size global goddess eyeshadow in makabari which is full of antioxidants from tea.
Above is a swatch from the eyeshadow.
 I got a full size Jonathan finish control high shine hairspray it's 100% vegan with good for you ingredients like soy, sweet almond and rice proteins as well as extracts from pomegranates and white tea. The bella bronze tan enhancer which features tomato lycopene and red wine polyphenols , kerstin florian spa face aromatherapy neroli scented water which can be used as a hydrating oxygenating skin freshener. The  lisa hoffman night and day vitamin a and c serum and an exuviance rejuvenating treatment masque with a blend of mandelic and gluconolactone two potent high functioning acids to plump skin, gently exfoliate to provide luminosity and more refined pores. As an added bonus it's also full of Vitamins A, C, E and Pro Vitamin B complex)Best of all this goody is a peel off gel masque Awesome no? 

The glowelle beauty drink is full of natural ingredients, no artificial preservatives, sweeteners or colors, and chock full of antioxidants( like Vitamins A, C, E , Goji berry, Green and white tea), vitamins  and fruit extracts ( like pomegranate, lycopene from tomatoes, Grape seed). It guarantees to give you brighter smoother skin in a month's time :)  

Sunday, June 7, 2009

More hair care

Many of you know about my love for Phyto so here I am in all my glory. I'm using the Phytospecific revitalizing oil treatment. It worked wonders on my uber dry hair. I also used the intense nutrition shampoo and the leave in conditioner integral hair care which gives bounce and softens it's frizz. 
Above is the warm bronze mineral powder bronzer from laura mercier.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Max Factor and Smashbox.

I heard the sad news that Max Factor cosmetics will be leaving the US by 2010. Sad news that many makeup companies are going under. So I decided to give their line some love by trying their new Vivid Impact Lip color. It was pretty pricey, and there weren't many shades left so I opted for a neutral one. 
Smashbox is owned by Dean and Davis Factor which are grandsons to the legendary Max Factor, The Max Factor company is not owned by the Factor family. So it is fitting that I add them here. They are world famous for their primers, O glow and gloss and their eye shadows. The eye shadows are my favorites super pigmented with a lovely satiny glide. 

Becca packaging too sexy to resist!

I recently bought another Becca Concealer this time in Toffee, this color will go nicely with some of my South Asian clients. I also got the fine loose finishing  powder in Sesame for me. It disappears on the skin leaving a nice glow. (it has a slight sheen to it) this powder unlike some out there is moisturizing. A sheer moisturizing powder? Yup Becca has it!

My little Bloomies Lippie haul

I have been avoiding Bloomingdales because of the seriously bad customer service. I'm excited my YSL girl recognized me and she was pretty nice this time around  I was tempted to get the new lip palette  from Tresor D'Afrique and it does not disappoint. You can make so many combinations from these hot colors. They are also moisturizing and slightly sheer.

The color on the right is one I made mixing the orange, light pink and shiny light pink color. Cool no? 
 I also stopped by Bobbi Brown because my last girlie was sweet and I got a new nice girl. So I'm giving Bloomingdales another try. The guy at the MAC counter was rushing me so I didn't get much there and the other guy was rude (this is why I get my MAC at Bendels) Anyway, this is a classic example of how customer service affects a clients purchase. Good=more than I was expecting to spend Poor= I get out of there fast and buy only what I came to get. 
From top to bottom is a brave new bronze, Brave and Spirit Satin lipsticks from Mac. 
lol Anywho, in my last post I raved about the staying power and natural gorgeous color range of Bobbi Brown lip color lipsticks. But the down side is that they are drying and have a terrible smell. So she gave me a creamy lip color lipstick, while these are sheerer and have a bit of shimmer to them they feel really good on the lips and do last, just not like the lip color. I also hauled some pretty liners to go with my new lips.
From top to bottom is Bobbi Brown lip color in blush, creamy lip color in bronzed pink, lip liner in cocoa and lipliner in blush.