Friday, June 5, 2009

My little Bloomies Lippie haul

I have been avoiding Bloomingdales because of the seriously bad customer service. I'm excited my YSL girl recognized me and she was pretty nice this time around  I was tempted to get the new lip palette  from Tresor D'Afrique and it does not disappoint. You can make so many combinations from these hot colors. They are also moisturizing and slightly sheer.

The color on the right is one I made mixing the orange, light pink and shiny light pink color. Cool no? 
 I also stopped by Bobbi Brown because my last girlie was sweet and I got a new nice girl. So I'm giving Bloomingdales another try. The guy at the MAC counter was rushing me so I didn't get much there and the other guy was rude (this is why I get my MAC at Bendels) Anyway, this is a classic example of how customer service affects a clients purchase. Good=more than I was expecting to spend Poor= I get out of there fast and buy only what I came to get. 
From top to bottom is a brave new bronze, Brave and Spirit Satin lipsticks from Mac. 
lol Anywho, in my last post I raved about the staying power and natural gorgeous color range of Bobbi Brown lip color lipsticks. But the down side is that they are drying and have a terrible smell. So she gave me a creamy lip color lipstick, while these are sheerer and have a bit of shimmer to them they feel really good on the lips and do last, just not like the lip color. I also hauled some pretty liners to go with my new lips.
From top to bottom is Bobbi Brown lip color in blush, creamy lip color in bronzed pink, lip liner in cocoa and lipliner in blush. 

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