Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New goodies from Dior and Bobbi Brown Nude fall collection 2009

My recent haul from Dior and Bobby brown :) 

I love when I have a good SA. And this is what I have with Isidora from Bloomingdales in 59th and Lexington in NY. She is super sweet and patient. She doesn't mind showing you what's new and what she's passionate about and never ever ever gives attitude. And so every time I see her I drop at least $200. lol. But I'm not complaining with her I feel I will be going back often and I don't mind the crazy money spent. So if you are in the area please stop by and give her love. She's great. Now my other experience today at the Bobbi Brown counter...tisk tisk tisk. So within two months I've been to the Bobbi Brown counter three times. And I've dropped at least $150 each time because I found two SAs that were really nice. But today I went back and I got approached by a girl who was totally rude. She looked like she was South Asian and I hadn't seen her before.  I was really annoyed because she was rude all through the end and I got a big haul too. I left feeling like I have broken her testers. ( all I did was ask about the new collection and tell her that my last SA had recommended the creamy lip color and I liked them and I wanted a new lip wardrobe with those textures) The beast didn't even have to do any convincing I had to tell her what I wanted and I would have bought more but her attitude was disgusting. I hate needing to buy stuff because sometimes I just want to walk away and order online but since I was already there I got the stuff anyway.  Plus I was itching for the new fall line. I'm starting to feel like I should blacklist Bloomingdales again. :( Anyway, sorry for the rant. I know the economy sucks, but I just feel as an SA myself. If a client isn't giving you attitude, stealing, breaking stuff, asking for mad samples there is no reason for this treatment. SAs should appreciate that people want to buy and not try to push them away. 

Above are swatches from Bobbi Brown creamy lip color in blue raspberry,soft blush, twilight, rose bud, and long wear gel eyeliner in graphite

Above are swatches from the Bobbi Brown Nude Eye palette which contains Navajo/Pebble, Chino/Beige Linen Wash and Maple Sugar/Caviar duos

Above are swatches of my Dior haul I got the Dior addict ultra gloss reflect in 457 in pink liberty and 757 red stocking, the diorskin forever compact foundation in linen 021, followed by the new designer eye palette in amber design. I was kinda disappointed in the palette, it's really beautiful in terms of packaging, but the colors are not all they could be, two of them don't really show and the others are so so. I didn't get any of the others because I already own so many things like them. But this is definitely versatile, just not the best they have. 


  1. omg what a great huge haul :) The bloomingdales close to me has some non friendly ladies at the makeup counter :(

  2. It was a huge haul wasn't it lol. I don't own any of the Bobbi Brown nude palettes so I figure this would be a nice addition. It has more color to it than some of the older versions so I liked that. The creamy lip colors are very sheer and sparkly but I love them for the summer so I just couldn't resist. I'm not sure how long I will be able to stay away from Bobbi Brown. I want to get some of the lip colors even though they are a bit drying. I just seem to have a thing for nudes and naturals right now.