Friday, September 11, 2009

Goodies from Sephora!

Oof. I'm so backed up in posts it's not even funny. Not having a camera sucks badly. I'm borrowing my husbands camera so I can put up some posts.

Here is my latest Sephora haul.

I bought the new Stila Barbie palette and I'm so happy. It's an insane deal at $28. Yes the pans are the same size as the full color pans but it doesn't matter for me since I rarely hit pan in my shadows. (seriously...) Anyway.
I also passed by the Urban Decay section and fell in love. My goodness they were working hard making a lovely collection. I only bought the surreal skin cream to powder foundation in nirvana ( I'm going to say my conbination skin didn't like it to much. By the end of the day my oil nose seems to wash it out and I'm left with weird gaps by the side of my nose. but overall I liked the texture and the light to medium coverage it offers) and the naked lipstick ( :( I hate the smell but love the color) and the Ink for eyes cream liner in zero. ( I love this liner a lot especially since it comes with it's own little brush inside). But I'm sure I'll be getting their primer for face, lips and eyes set soon (only $65 ah~mazing) as well as the wallflower lip liner and confesson lipstick. Sigh..but I'm also lemming the book of shadows II and the superstash of liners and the apocalyptic nail kit so those might win out first. But either way you'll know :)
Above from top to bottom is Lorac Front of the line Pro Liner in black, Urban Decay Naked lipstick and Nars Fast ride lipstick.
Above from Left to Right is Nars Duo in Silk Road, Nars Single in Mekong, and the Urban Decay Ink for eyes in Zero.
Anyway, I got some goodies from Nars as well. I bought their lipstick in fast ride, their eyeshadow duo in silk road and their eyeshadow single in Mekong. I got a great Lorac liner, it's waterproof and amazing. It's called front of the line pro they sell it in black and brown. It gives a sharp intense non budging line and it's easy to go thin or thick.I also got a set of travel brushes from Sephora. $32 these brushes are so soft and they work really well. I'm so in love :)