Friday, September 11, 2009

The New Victoria Secret Makeup Haul

Umm...this looks a little scary, but I hauled it over three different occasions. lol not that that justifies the insanity, but anyway. Hope this helps some one trying to decide on what to order.
My favs so far are the new glosses and the sheer gloss sticks. Great pigmentation and it's very non sticky. My least favorites are the lip liners. Eww they go on so dry :( The eyeshadow quad wasn't too impressive either, One color was flaky, One was pretty much invisible. The other two were pretty so I ended up buying the quad anyway.

From left to right are the Victoria secret sheer gloss sticks in shy, exposed and only you. Perfect lipstick in Scrumptious, and Dusk, lip liner in Ginger Spice and Nude
Lip Lacquer in Strip and True, Lip Gloss in Intimate, Yearning, Blush and Wet.
Victoria Secret Quad in Sultry, Lustre eyeshadow in Champagne and Beloved.


  1. ohhh i see, that why they had a huge sale on their cosmetics coz theyre getting a new collection. Thats cool! The swatches are very pretty. I want to see them for myself when I visit my local vs :)

  2. I'm in love with their new lip glosses and gloss sticks. And their lipstick collection is amazing. Something for everyone!

  3. Great swatches! The glosses do look super pretty! Thanks for sharing, have a nice weekend =)