Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm back!!!

Beautiful temple in Delhi, Akshardam It's huge. But it's security is insanely tight, no pictures allowed!! We are in a little lake with my husband and we borrowed a nephew lol. He had so much energy and was helping us pedal.

My sister in law in front of India gate in Delhi, and a beautiful hotel in Narangakot nepal

The cutest little puppy ever!
My nephew's pet sweety, Some lovely fields in Baktapur

Lak Bhati puja in our home, Momos (nepali dumplings)

I'm trying to swing on the ping and my sister in law, preparing our local chicken for dinner

This is the famous SwayamBhuNath (huge buddist temple in Nepal) They have the cutest monkeys too.
Beautiful temples, me in a salwar kameez

Me in the balcony with my mother in law's garden, and me again with a baby buffalo

Some images from the road. That car fell and was pulled up caused a huge traffic jam

Goats wandering the mountain side with their master. Here is one trying to take a little snack.

Above is a picture of a khasi (neutred goat) being prepared for dinner. My sister in law's land

He's making our chow chow (noodles) and some opportunistic goats.

Some fruitwala (vendor) and my mother in law and niece planting some veggies outside

Here I am. It's been a long time. Here are some fun pictures from my trip :P


  1. Gr8 pictures ! Thank you for sharing ! And you look gorgeous in the saree ! Love the makeup too !

  2. I had visited Nepal in year 2000...its insanely beautiful....

  3. Thanks for all the love ladies! I know what you mean Resham. I just wanted to stay and not come back :)