Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Secret Santa Time!!!

I'm too excited! I'll be participating my my first blog secret santa. The lovely Lauren from Paris Boutique
will be hosting it along with her friends Boo Jenkins from and Niki from It's such a great idea. And best of all it's international so you'll get to make lots of friends. Take a look at the original post. It's easy to join just fill out the entry form (located on Paris Boutique blog) and send a picture of yourself holding a sign to your blog address and send it to

It's just that simple. So please join and lets all get in that holiday spirit.


  1. thanks for sharing the links, i'll hop over to Lauren's site to have a look!

  2. Your welcome. I already sent my Secret Santa her goodies. I hope she likes it. I'll post about what I got her later ;)

  3. Hi! Just started to follow you! Did you like the "secret santa" gifts I sent you?