Saturday, December 19, 2009

Looking for naturals

So I recently acquired Boscia's sheer tinted moisturizer spf 15 in medium and Too faced Lashlight , Yay. The Lash light is a fun mascara. It has a little led light and mirror so you can see where you are applying it. Very good at defining the lashes but not for vaboom eyelashes. Will smear a bit by the end of the day :(
Boscia tinted moisturizer I hated :( eww. It feels sticky and has poor coverage. I tried layering it to build coverage. Huge mistake, it beaded up on me. And I was so looking forward to it waaa! Worse of all I got Medium which they suggested for me.It matched when I first put it on and then...bam.. it turned dark. It's deceptively light and then turns on you, so now I have a line of demarcation and look kinda orangey. eww. I hate when my face looks completely different from my body.
From top to bottom Wet n Wild Natural wear lip shimmer in 106, 107, 106 and Boscia Tinted moisturizer in medium.
I was in the natural mood so I went to CVS and purchased three wet n wild natural wear lip shimmers. Two ( 100 and 107) I hated...way to shimmery/frosty. Looks so cheap on. ( yes I know it was $2, but still). The 106 color looked decent on me, a little too pink for my taste maybe for the summer? It's shiny, moisturizing and has a hint of mint to it but doesn't burn.

Friday, December 18, 2009

My little holiday decorations.

I finally put up our christmas tree yesterday and decorated it. I used purple, hot pink, and green as well as a little bit of gold. The end result was very fun :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tarte Royal Haul !

I am loving Tarte's glosses! And the new Crown Jewel set has something for everyone. The texture is non sticky and you get medium to sheer coverage, lots of shine and best of all it's natural.
The three little boxes are broken down into these sets:
Glittering Green Goddess set has nude colors with a little sheen
Dazzling Divas is very sheer and glittery, with the exception of the hot pink gloss.
Twinkling Trendsetter is my favorite of the sets with medium pigmentation and sheen
Above from left to right is Dazzling Diva and Twinkling Trendsetter . I'm wearing one from the twinkling trendsetter. So pretty!

Above from left to right is the Glittering Green Goddess followed by double ended lipgloss in paul and holly and then my 24/7 lipsheer in Wednesday.

These glosses won't dry out your lips too which is a huge plus in my book. These are super affordable and make great stocking stuffers! I love Tarte subscribe to their mailer. You'll love all the discounts and goodies they send out. :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

TPG haul

So I ended up going to the TPG pop up shop and it was nice. I meet my airbrush instructor David Klasfield of OCC cosmetics. He's such a sweet heart. And a whole bunch of artists were there just selling their goods. I ended up not getting anything from Eve Pearl. But I did go crazy with the Korres. I love Korres and their all natural goodness. I got a bunch of liners and lipglosses.

Below I have Korres eyeliners in 6 gray and 8 blue. Korres Lip liners in 1 Neutral light, 3 brown orange, and 4 red.

This is the close up of the lipglosses by Korres cherry oil lip glosses in 32 beige pink, 25 natural purple, 52 red, 23 light purple, 27 plum then the Korres lip butters in jasmine and plum. And last but not least Stila 24kt lip gloss in merlot.

Below from top to bottom are swatches of the urban decay eyeshadows in Blaze and Stray Dog

Friday, December 11, 2009

The new Coat dilemma

Well it's officially serious cold weather here in NY and I need me a coat! But the trouble is I can't seem to pick. I need it to be good for everyday, warm yet cute :(
So I'm turning to all my lovely followers for some advice. Help me choose!

This cute little number in red:

This elegant little number in black:

This fun little number in black:

This warm little number in Black.

In case you are wondering, this is what I currently own:

I wear the black one most. I just love it. It's so me lol.

I also own a wool trench some spring jackets and two hideous puffers but I won't torture you with that.

Anyway, if you can please comment and let me know what you think I should get I would greatly appreciate it :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mini drug store haul.

I needed to get some polish remover and deodorant but alas, I was tempted. Wet and wild had a new silk finish blush color out called Berry shimmer and while I was at it I also grabbed Heather Silk and Mellow Wine. I also found something new, Carlo Di Roma from Spain? Never heard of it, but their website looks cool and they have a lot of fun colors too. But they had really pretty glosses and liners. I picked a Vicious Lip Gloss in #15. Such a pretty girly pink( that is until you try it on. ::shivers:: The good thing is that it did dry down to a sheer color but still uneven) All this at my local Duane Reade. Awesome no?
I'm including some lip swatches for your enjoyment. See the pictures are pretty forgiving. And it kinda looks ok when it dries down, but it's so uneven :( Sorry I didn't do much with makeup today :)
Anyway. Everything was bought on a whim...and it shows. Everything was fairly disappointing. The lipgloss....looks much better in the picture than it does in real life. It's really pigmented, but goes on uneven and dries kind of matte which is good and bad. it's non sticky if that helps. Reminds me a little of nars sans the stickiness. Oh and the smell. It's horrendous. Like stale makeup and old lady perfume. Yuck. Oh my lips hurt :(. lol The blushes They all seem to look alike when applied to the skin.

Above from left to right, WetnWild Berry shimmer, Mellow Wine and Heather silk, followed by Carlo Di Roma lipgloss in #15
Berry shimmer was too pigmented, if sheered could make a nice dupe for Nars orgasm....maybe. Mellow wine was the one I thought would be my favorite but it doesn't apply evenly it reminds me of a sheer version of Lakme Berry Crush . and Heather silk just looks too pink and common. At least I got to experiment. :) And I saw some interesting things I might pick up for my next drugstore trip. Like the L'oreal teloscopic explosion mascara. Has anyone tried that? I have the Givenchy one so hopefully I'll get around to doing a comparison review :)

TPG pop up shop!

I missed the first one because of work. But this time I got my lovely co worker to switch her hours with me so that I can go. The only thing that really excites me is the fact that there will be Eve Pearl goodies there. I love her makeup! Anyway, I felt the need to share because the offers seem amazing. So I copied and pasted from my email here goes, I hope it benefits some of you :)



  • Embryolisse!
  • Ramy Beauty!
  • Alison Raffaele!
  • Korres Natural Products!
  • Jao!
  • Pencil Me In!

  • Stila!
  • Three Custom Color!
  • Eve Pearl Beauty!
  • Shiny Mama!
  • Shadow Shields!
  • Armour Beauty!
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!
  • TPG Clear Soft Packs!
  • Face Chart Packs
  • 9x9 product packs!

*Prices start at $5 per piece, most products no more than $10 per piece!
*Please note that advance listing of specific products at TPG Pop-Up Shop is not available. Only select merchandise available from the above listed brands.

We had such a great turnout at the TPG Pop-Up Shop last weekend that we are doing it again this week! That's right - if you missed the event last week - you have one more chance for great deals at $5 and $10 for nearly all makeup at the shop!

This special one-day only event is open to pros and makeup lovers of all kinds!

Plus get a free gift with any $20 purchase - while supplies last!

Sunday, December 13

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Studio
121 West 27th Street (btwn 6th-7th)
Suite 1200 (12th Floor)
Just a few blocks from Penn Station and every subway line!
Event hours are 1:00PM - 6:00PM

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lakme and Revlon from Delhi

I'm sorry I haven't been posting much. I haven't been shopping much since I got back. I've been taking a few classes which have dried up my makeup funds, that and I'm trying to make some space in my home to find my makeup stash from the hubby. I didn't get to shop much for makeup while in India and Nepal. ( Hubby was angry at the amount of Saris and bangles I acquired so I decided not to test him) I'll do a post on a later date with all my Saris, Lenghas, Churidaars and bangles later this week :) Here is what I did get:

Lakme is an amazing brand. The colors are so strong yet classic. And I love them, makes me feel all bollywood. whoohoo!

Lakme Bridal Sutra Blus in Rose Crush, Lakme Glide on Eye Color in plum, Revlon eyeliner in Black Lakme Enrich lipcolor in 157 Bamboo pink, and 152 in Raspberry crush (colors are much prettier, but my camera sucks. I am still keeping my fingers crossed for a new one for christmas.