Saturday, December 19, 2009

Looking for naturals

So I recently acquired Boscia's sheer tinted moisturizer spf 15 in medium and Too faced Lashlight , Yay. The Lash light is a fun mascara. It has a little led light and mirror so you can see where you are applying it. Very good at defining the lashes but not for vaboom eyelashes. Will smear a bit by the end of the day :(
Boscia tinted moisturizer I hated :( eww. It feels sticky and has poor coverage. I tried layering it to build coverage. Huge mistake, it beaded up on me. And I was so looking forward to it waaa! Worse of all I got Medium which they suggested for me.It matched when I first put it on and then...bam.. it turned dark. It's deceptively light and then turns on you, so now I have a line of demarcation and look kinda orangey. eww. I hate when my face looks completely different from my body.
From top to bottom Wet n Wild Natural wear lip shimmer in 106, 107, 106 and Boscia Tinted moisturizer in medium.
I was in the natural mood so I went to CVS and purchased three wet n wild natural wear lip shimmers. Two ( 100 and 107) I hated...way to shimmery/frosty. Looks so cheap on. ( yes I know it was $2, but still). The 106 color looked decent on me, a little too pink for my taste maybe for the summer? It's shiny, moisturizing and has a hint of mint to it but doesn't burn.

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