Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mini drug store haul.

I needed to get some polish remover and deodorant but alas, I was tempted. Wet and wild had a new silk finish blush color out called Berry shimmer and while I was at it I also grabbed Heather Silk and Mellow Wine. I also found something new, Carlo Di Roma from Spain? Never heard of it, but their website looks cool and they have a lot of fun colors too. But they had really pretty glosses and liners. I picked a Vicious Lip Gloss in #15. Such a pretty girly pink( that is until you try it on. ::shivers:: The good thing is that it did dry down to a sheer color but still uneven) All this at my local Duane Reade. Awesome no?
I'm including some lip swatches for your enjoyment. See the pictures are pretty forgiving. And it kinda looks ok when it dries down, but it's so uneven :( Sorry I didn't do much with makeup today :)
Anyway. Everything was bought on a whim...and it shows. Everything was fairly disappointing. The lipgloss....looks much better in the picture than it does in real life. It's really pigmented, but goes on uneven and dries kind of matte which is good and bad. it's non sticky if that helps. Reminds me a little of nars sans the stickiness. Oh and the smell. It's horrendous. Like stale makeup and old lady perfume. Yuck. Oh my lips hurt :(. lol The blushes They all seem to look alike when applied to the skin.

Above from left to right, WetnWild Berry shimmer, Mellow Wine and Heather silk, followed by Carlo Di Roma lipgloss in #15
Berry shimmer was too pigmented, if sheered could make a nice dupe for Nars orgasm....maybe. Mellow wine was the one I thought would be my favorite but it doesn't apply evenly it reminds me of a sheer version of Lakme Berry Crush . and Heather silk just looks too pink and common. At least I got to experiment. :) And I saw some interesting things I might pick up for my next drugstore trip. Like the L'oreal teloscopic explosion mascara. Has anyone tried that? I have the Givenchy one so hopefully I'll get around to doing a comparison review :)


  1. i love wetn wilkd because it so affordable but has great quality!