Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Aging, AGEs and Glycation

What is Advanced Glycation End Products and how does it affect the Aging process? (humm, this is a little heavy on the science. I'm a bit excited writing this..whooohoo)

Glycation is what happens when a sugar molecule (fructose, lactose, glucose) bonds with a protein or lipid without the normal help of enzymes. This dangerous bonding causes impairment of molecules within the body. 
It can occur inside the body (endogenous) or outside (exogenous).
Exogenous glycation is provided by the foods we eat like baked goods or fried foods and even sodas. (particularly the brown pigments in these foods which are a result of melting sugar and proteins in high temperatures) So avoid foods that are baked, broiled, fried or roasted and opt for steamed or boiled foods. Most importantly if you have a high sugar intake you will age faster (you will start to see serious aging starting in your late thirties and are setting yourself up for serious health complications as well. 
Endogenous glycation occurs in the bloodstream. When we eat sugars get broken down into simple sugars like fructose and glucose which float in the blood stream and are used to fuel cell functions and energy. 
Studies show that AGEs can lead to Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, among others.

Another downside to AGEs is that they are resistant to proteinases ( are hard to degrade by the body's normal processes) and result in ROS better known as reactive oxygen species or free radicals (really nasty stuff we don't want in our body) these cause the cross linking of collagen and elastin which in turn causes our skin to wrinkle faster by preventing our skin's repair mechanism. 

But what is it to us in the beauty world? AGEs attack our collagen by forming covalent( really strong) bonds. Leading to brittle dry collagen/elastin which in turn leads to loss of elasticity (sagging and wrinkles), thin skin and inflammation. 

Moral of the story. Don't get to carried away and limit all your sugar, sugar is important just not in excess. Also, It is important to be concerned with eating healthy at any age and watch your sugar intake ( I speak mainly to myself because I have a serious chocolate addiction, but also to whoever this may help) 

Now to the nitty gritty. How the heck do you repair all this damage?

You can start with diet. Foods high in Protein and fats as well as processed refined foods carry a lot of AGES. Supplements like aminoguanidine and carnosine.

Topically you can try Dermalogica's Age Smart Multivitamin Power Concentrate. It's chockful of Vitamin A, C, E or their MAP-15 regenerator which has Vitamin C, White tea and hyaluronic acid. Skin Ceuticals Retinol .05% is a good lose dose vitamin A (great for sensitive skins) which can help rebuild collagen. Also Skin Ceuticals Phloretin  CF which uses Vitamin C and Phloretin. Dr. Brandt  lineless antiglycation serum which has a heavy blend of white and green tea as well as grapeseed extracts. 

Monday, April 27, 2009

Experimenting with tubes!

I recently aquired Blinc Kiss Me  Mascara. I'm excited, long lashes that are coated in tubes that don't flake transfer or smudge but is removed by warm water? I'm sold. 

I also grabbed the big size of Juice Beauty Blemish Solution. This stuff is uber mild but works! The only down side is that it's also very sticky. I recommend this as a night treatment. Let it dry before hitting the bed. 

MoroccanOil, silky soft hair await you!

I have the moodiest hair. But I can't really blame it. It's been through a lot.  I rarely comb it and I wash it 3 times a week. Eek. It's always stuck in a lame pony tail :( That is when it's not fresh from the salon. And I rarely go to the salon. I've had my hair Japanese straightened (thermal reconditioning) twice. The second time around I went to a dingy place and ended up having to chop my below the booty hair to shoulder length...my husband was far from happy. And sometime in May I'm supposed to have my hair relaxed with the Phyto Relaxer. Poor hair. 

Naturally my hair is wavy/curly and ultra frizzy. Let's just say there is so much frizz you can barely see the curls. And now that my Japanese straightening is growing out my hair really gets knotty in the back there for I try not to comb it. When I do wash it (ie comb it) I lose hair by the chunks.

Enter my latest Haul ~~~~~> 

There has been much buzz about the wonders of MoroccanOil and I must say, It's all true! The first thing I did when I purchased my little set was to slather on the oil treatment on my dry, frizzy brittle hair. and it was greasy. At least at first then about  half an hour later I go run a brush through it...and whoa! I could comb it! I ran my fingers through it and it was so soft and my frizz was tamed. Not to mention the shine my hair had, not the greasy kind of shine, but the healthy hair kind of lustre.  I'm just too excited for this product. It's pricey but the results are worth it. Best of all this stuff is all based on Argan oil, that miraculous oil that repairs, hydrates and nourishes :) Aside from the Oil Treatment I got the Cream and the hair Mask. The mask I have yet to try, but the styling cream was great, it hydrated my hair and tamed the frizz. All the products have a nice light scent.  

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Mac Rose Romance Haul.

I've been itching for this collection for a while now. I don't know what's with me but lately I'm into soft pinks. So finally I got my hands on this and went crazy. I usually don't go for lustres but these colors are so sweet. My fav is a way to love, the see through colors are supposed to be like a stain, but they really don't have much staying power. They apply silky but they do really dry out the lips...love the color not really the product. I'm also loving the new cheek gel the color is soft and sheer and really lively. What an awesome color and I love how they put it in the little paint pot.

Look at that gorgeous nail color. This is my first Mac Nail laquer in love and friendship.

This is the only eyeshadow I bought. In Et Tu, Bouquet?

Above are the lip sticks in Way to love, A rose Romance, the tinted lipglass in Virgin Kiss, then the see thru lip colors in loving touch and tender tryst, followed by the gel blush in just a pinch and the rose all over beauty powder in summer rose. Don't you just love all those pinks? They are just too cute. :) 

Smashbox Foundation!

This is my latest Sephora mini haul. 
Smashbox foundation! I must say. I adore how innovative they are in adding the shave off function to their powder. It really keeps the powder fresh and is less messier than using loose powder, but you still get the lovely light application. This powder does remind me a little of Philosophy's foundation, in that it's hydrating and yes, a bit shiny. Definitely a find for those dry skin types though.
Above is a picture of the foundation on my hand.

I also got Fredric Fekkai's Au Naturel dry shampoo. This one is definitely less finely milled than Klorane and does not smell as good as Oscar Blandi's dry shampoo. It actually doesn't really have a scent. It gives your hair lots of body but you only want to add a little because it can get out of hand and leave you looking white. I like to comb my hair through after using this which helps remove a bit of the excess. What's best about this product is that it's free of parabens, preservatives, and fragrance. 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

L'Occitane goodness

I wandered into L'occitane looking for something new and I found wonders inside. 
I love scrubs so I got their Gentle face buff and the velvet concentrate from the almond collection. It's a velvety soft moisturizer that leaves skin radiant, supple and protected.

Above is a picture of the gommage on my hand while it was drying. I love gommages they are dual enzyme and scrub and when it dries you just stretch the skin and roll it off. You can see on the right how bright my skin looked. Awesome. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Khiel's New Mascara and goodies.

Above is a picture of my latest haul from Khiel's :) 

Mineral mascara. Sounds good. Made with good for you ingredients like jojoba, aloe, and acacia. It thickens and lengthens nicely. But don't get this baby in your eyes. This thing made me tear like crazy! On the good note. I wore this to work and got no flaking, smudging and my lashes still look good :) 

Above are pictures when I first applied the mascara

This picture is me after work about 8 hours later. Sorry I looked busted at work today. Our AC is down it was hot as heck in there :( 

I got my greedy little hands on two lip balms. One tinted in Black Raspberry and one in Vanilla with SPF. They both taste yummy and are really hydrating but I found the Vanilla one a little greasy. The Black Raspberry was very sheer. Good thing about this product is that it's not sticky.

I also got Khiels Sodium PCA oil free moisturizer. It feels really light weight and wears well with cosmetics. This is proven non comedogenic so if you have acne run and get it. Your skin will be supple and happy! 

Monday, April 20, 2009

Victoria Secret Pink and Global Goddess

Victoria Secret is all about the Natural lately. Most of their products are carrying shea butter and natural derived ingredients. In my latest haul I bought the Victoria Secret pink hand cream. I like it so far, it has a pleasant scent and is not too greasy. I also aquired the pink tinted lip balm, it's super cute with a little heart in the center. But I'm not crazy about the scent or texture.

Above is the picture from the cap concealer, as you can see it's a bit too dark for me. Sorry about the flash. 
The above picture is of the Global Goddess tinted moisturizer in #2 overall I found this formula a little greasy and thick. 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Urban Decay Friends and Family Haul

Urban Decay is world famous for it's unconventional names and their super long lasting and pigmented shadows. This is definitely the company for you if you are trendy or just someone who appreciates innovation. Pretty much all their line is awesome and foolproof.

My top picks for this company is of course their Eye Shadow Primer Potion, 24/7 glide on eyeliners, their Eye Shadows (super pigmented ) and their palettes (more bank for your buck)

I recently appreciated their 30% friends and family special and here is my haul: 

The above picture is my new haul and next to it are swatches from the ammo palette. I also got roach individual eyeshadow which is the 3rd to the bottom ( the reddish brown) Great colors no?
Above are DEA 24/7 concealer which is creamy and blendable. ( I blended a little toward the right) And perversion liquid eyeliner. 

Laura Mercier

I love Laura Mercier cosmetics. Her tinted moisturizers go on superbly though they are not for the sensitive types. Her color ranges are natural and it helps that she came out the oil free version even if they are a bit heavier. Her loose powders let the skin breathe and never look cakey. 

But today's blog is about her eye shadows. I own a lot of her eye shadows because I love the satiny feel and the blendability they offer. Her Bohemia collection is the sort of casual sexy that goes perfect with hot summer nights. The colors are bold without being too dramatic.

I also got two lip stain pots from the Gilded Garden collection. Even though these say stain they are not like your traditional stain, they have more wear than regular lip colors but by no means stay on all day. Either way the colors were too good to pass by and not to mention that these are limited editions. 
Above are swatches from the palette followed by habiscus and english rose lip stains.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MAC Attack!

MAC has been churning out the collections lately, Double Dazzle, Colour Ready and Viva Glam VI. I was hoping my local pro store had the Rose Romance collection out, but the punks didn't. So of course I head out with everything I don't need :( 
Above are swatches from my new acquisition. Oh Baby, Viva Glam V, Revealing tinted lipglasses Baby Sparks, Bare Necessity, Date Night dazzleglasses, Viva Glam V and VI lipsticks and the penultimate liner. I don't know if I like this liner, I need more testing.

Above is a picture of MAC's prep and prime line filler in action. It looks almost airbrushed. This stuff is amazing. 

I am banning myself from Henri Bendels. Where I usually do my shopping. I have some Mac MUAs there that are very nice. They have gotten used to to me coming every month for my updates, but the service I had at Laura Mercier and Chanel ( the chanel counter was especially rude, then the girl had the audacity to change her attitude when I whipped out the $280 purchase. Hypocrite tisk tisk.  ) made me put the store on my Do Not Shop List for bad customer service. I've had a bad experience with the Laura Mercier counter at Bloomingdales during one PA event . Also I had a bad experience with My Phia set order back in November so I put Bloomingdales on my Do Not Shop List. lol and if you are curious Bath and Body Works, The Body Shop, and Macy's are on my list too. I'm going to have to order my Mac or force myself down to the Pro store from now on. :( At least I still have Sephora and Nordstrom. Oh and I do shop online a lot. On the bright side I should be saving a lot more money. (which I need. I'm supposed to be going away to India/Nepal for two months. More on that later)
End of Rant. 

Love for Chanel.

I've been in love with Chanel cosmetics since I last discovered Teint innocence luminous foundation. Ooo so nice. I got Mystic eyes, Smoky Eyes, and the Variations palette which I later regretted. The smoky eyes is one from an old collection, but I love for night time looks. The Mystic eyes and Variations are too similar for me to appreciate them but they are good choices for every day day looks.  And the Glossimer lip gloss in Iris which has a nice soft shimmer to it. (lately I'm into soft pinks) I also got a blush duo tweed effect in Coral Tweed. I am absolutely in love with this blush. It looks so natural and it gives my cheeks a sexy warm glow.   

Above is the swatch from the Smoky eyes palette and the tweed coral blush as well as the Glossimer gloss in Iris. 
The  palette on the top is the Mystic Eyes and the one on the bottom is the Variations. The Mystic Eyes has more shimmer than the Variations but they are very similar. 

Dr. Zein Obagi Skincare.

Whoa...can you say luxury sunscreen? At $85 a pop this stuff is like silk stockings for your face. Oclipse Sunscreen spf 30 and primer is so silky smooth. In goes on as a tan colored cream that just melts into the skin leaving it protected, super soft, and best of all it's oil free. This product contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide two natural non irritating sunscreens. Vitamin E to strenthen the skin and dimethicone which gives that wonderful glide for makeup. Peptides which strengthen the skin and keep it hydrated. And a unique ingredient this product contains is topical synthetic Melanin which serves as a sunscreen, helps fade pigmentation and it helps give us a healthy glow. 

I also got a sample of Offects Exfoliating Polish. This little beauty contains Vitamins A,C,E and natural minerals from the dead sea. It is made with Magnesium Crystals which is what is used in the Doctors office during a microdermabrasion. Yet this product is so gentle even the most sensitive skin types can use it. Another benefit is the awesome smell so fresh and lovely. So for $75 you get a great at home microdermabrasion.

You can rest assured that these products will work. Dr. Obagi has been a board certified dermatologist for more than 20 years. His products are sold only in Doctor's offices and online. He has the highest standard of any skincare line offering prescription grade active ingredients and results for ordinary folks like us to enjoy. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pictures from my mommy's vacation.

As many of you know my camera was on vacation along with my mom. Here are some pictures from Dominican Republic's country side. 
This picture is of my grandfather's land in his village.
Above is a picture of tabacco being dried.  
Above is my great grandmother hanging  clothes.  lol and two ducks with bananas.
This is my fav pic mcousins and my god father tying tobacco. Lol she's on a cell phone. 

A scene on the way to the river and the river bed.
Flower beds in the city

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Guerlain Terracotta Mineral Flawless Bronzing Powder AHH~mazing!

Whooooa. This beauty is pricey. At $65 I'm expecting luxury! I absolutely love the littler shifter. It really helps to keep my bag from getting messy and from getting to much powder on my brush. The formula is very silky. It has vitamin E, Talc and Kaolin clay. You will find this sheer and buildable with a very slight sheen. I really adore this. It comes in three colors light, medium and dark. I got the light because I'm not really into bronzing but I figured it would be useful in contouring or for those days where I want more color. 

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Freshface Beauty, Korres and Make-Up For Ever

My latest haul from Make-Up For Ever, Fresh and Korres:)
For those of you that do not know MUFE. It's a professional french  editiorial quality makeup line similar to MAC. Created by Dany Sanz in 1984. The cool thing about this line is that everything they have is created for a specific need in the industry. All their products are of superior quality and long wearing. I highly recommend the High Definition foundation, Full coverage waterproof concealer as well as their eyeshadows. 
Today I got the MUFE glossy full colour lipgloss in #5 violet. It looked like a scary color but it wears ready nicely. Kind of reminds me of Clinique black honey lipsticks.  Their glosses are really shiny and moisturizing but do not wear long. I also bought the High Definition Primer in neutral to go with my foundation. I like that it feels silky soft and lightweight. The foundation wears really nicely over it. I felt that their foundation exaggerated my dry areas this eliminates that. 

Fresh is a natural brand that combines high quality functional ingredients with luxurious textures and delicious smells. I got the supernova mascara which provides great length and volume all the while protecting your lashes and nourishing them with panthenol and meadowfoam oil. 

On my hand is the Fresh Twilight luminizer...umm twilight...ummm  ok anyway. This really gives a subtle glow. Great under makeup and as a highlighter.  On the right picture on the top is Glossy Full Colour in #5 and Korres eyeshadow in 10s White which is very is very soft blendable. Great to brighten the eyes.