Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Self Tanning Craze!

So...I'm pretty pale. One of the palest latinas in my family. I'm not really into bronzing or tanning so I'm always stumped when customers ask me what I recommend. So I went on a little self tanning spree to see what I find out. Here are my results after seven hours:
Above from Top to bottom is a swatch of Dior iris, lancome flash bronzer oil free face, lancome flash bronzer legs, lancome flash bronzer mousse. 

From left to right is mystic tan spray, clarins self tanning emulsion, clarins self tanning  gel, clarins delicious self tanning cream
Above from top to bottom is bliss a tan for all seasons, dior natural face, dior natural glow body, dior shimmer glow body

from left to right is clarins self tanning gel, clarins delicious self tanning cream, fusion light spray and fusion medium spray. 
Mystic Tan sunless face and body spray
Spray type, hard to spray evenly even at a distance it likes to run and concentrate :(. Not supposed to rub after using but best results occur when you rub it in or use a moisturizer over it which will lift some color but at least it will be even. I do find this slightly drying as well. Light smell. Super deep color, not orangey at all.

Sevin Nyne
Really nice smell. Comes out in a lovely fine mist, but it can squirt if you don't give it a break.  You see color right away. Slightly orange but more brown base. Does not last very long.  

Self tanning instant gel
Very light natural color, really bad heavy smell. Leaves the skin nice and silky. 

Self tanning instant milk
Light natural color, a bit oily. Heavy smell. Skin is left moisturized. 

Delicious self tanning cream
Looks scary in the jar. Does not turn out as glittery on the skin. Very nice natural color. Less smelly than the others.

Dior bronze self tanner natural glow face
Super light weight. Absorbs instantly. No bad smell

Dior bronze self tanner shimmer glow body
Super light tan with a slight shimmer. Very natural looking. No bad smell

Dior bronze self tanner natural glow body
Wow nice deep natural looking color. Works on all skin types. silky and absorbs instantly. No bad smell. 

Flash bronzer instant color self tanning leg gel
Light color and smell. Feels very moisturizing.

Flash bronzer medium color oil free tinted self tanning lotion for face
Smells great. Gel like consistency. Nice deep color. Moisturizing and long wearing. 

A tan for all seasons
Does not spray evenly and looks purply. No orangey color. Dries fast with no transfer. Medium tan odor.  Slight smell. 
Fusion Beauty

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bobbi Brown haul!

I was on the hunt for a fun summer lip look and look what I found :) A perfect bright fun look! I absolutely love the Vitamin Enriched face base. It's oil free extremely hydrating with shea butter vitamins A,C and E. It hasn't broken me out and my makeup wears extremely well over it. The sheer pressed powder is perfect for on the go during these upcoming hot summer days. The foundation touch up sticks can double as foundation and a concealer cool no? I love the awesome range of shades. My  favorite of all is the lip color in soft rose, it's not too loud and is extremely long wearing. It has a bit of a smell, but I can live with it. I'll be investing in a few of these I can feel it. 

Above from Left to right I have the Sheer pressed powder in soft sand, the foundation stick in warm sand,  lipcolor in soft rose and sheer lipgloss in popsicle. 

Shisheido Love !

So I was walking along on the hunt for a nice nude lip ideas and I spot some great lipglosses by Shiseido. The lip sticks are a little warm, the pale ones wash me out too much. Overall I love the glosses they are really fun and wearable. 
From left to right Shiseido perfect rouge in 310 Dune. Automatic lip crayon in L2, The makeup lipgloss in G26 peach melba,  G1 champagne sparkle, g25 cinnamon shimmer. 

Some random goodies.

Boy oh boy! I love Dior Addict ultra gloss reflect in 657 rose satin . Super shiny with no stickiness. Did you see the beauty insider only lip polishes at Sephora? Why are they jacking up the price? The economy is too slow for this nonsense. Grrr! The iconic mascara I have bought before. I still like it. It gives superior length with no flakiness. It's hard to remove but for that I got my trusty fresh soy face cleanser. I love that stuff, it softens your skin and removes every bit of dirt. Not to mention all the benefits it has such as great for removing eye makeup yet gentle for the eyes. Soy amino acid,  Soy extracts and antioxidants which smooth the skin and promote it's youthful appearance.

I'm currently loving Korres deep color mascara. It features vitamin B5 (panthenol) to condition lashes and rice bran to give volume. It really does lengthen. Reminds me of the Dior iconic in that it gives a glossy finish. You can see I love mascaras. The MUFE aqua smoky lash is excellent too, it won't flake, wears all day and gives great volume and length. 

Victoria Secret Makeup 75% off!!

Whoa. I was never one for Victoria Secret makeup but at 75% off who could resist? Lippies for $3, Eye shadows for $3 palettes for $4 and $5. Awesome deal! Elbowed my way into the bin and this is what I got:

What a mega haul no? Can you believe I paid $84 with tax for all this stuff? Darn and I had a $10 off card at home too. that would have been $74. Ah~mazing! The shine serum was the most expensive thing I bought for $13. I just love the way it makes my hair smell. So sexy! :Sigh: I only wish they would come up with a new one without the dimethicone and the serious alcohol. 
lippies from left to right; 
G, Kiss Me, Sweet Nothing, Love Bite, Exhibitionist, V.I.P., Satin Sheets, Stiletto, Melt, Sweet Release, Don't Stop. 

Kiss Me is an example of their glittery lipsticks

Satin Sheet is an example of their shimmer lipsticks

Don't Stop is an example of their opaque cream lipsticks

Exhibitionist is an example of their glaze lipsticks

 Top to bottom; Between the sheets and Lights Out silky eye shadows and Knowing palette

All Night and Front Row mosaic eyeshadow palettes. 

M35 Flawless Cream Makeup w/ spf 30, Exclusive mosaic eye shadow palette and Afterglow mosaic blush.  I know that's not my color. I actually bought it for my mommy. I think her skin will react well with this product. 

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My experience at Phyto Universe

Lol. Look at my cheeks. I just want to pinch them :P Anyway, as you can see I have so much body and shine. My hair looks healthy and strong! I am in love.

My friend modeling by the front entrance. She also did the Phyto Relaxer but in index 2. hair hair had a lot of damage prior to the treatment and look at it now. So healthy! Look at the beautiful living wall. 

So I was lucky enough to be selected as a model for hair retexturizing at Phyto Universe. March of last year I had my hair permanently straightened though thermal reconditioning (Japanese straightener). I did it two years prior to that and had some good results (but the ends of my hair that had been colored feel off (it only works on virgin hair sorry folks) My hair looks unnaturally straight dead even. ( I liked it that way) but my husband and some coworkers didn't agree it had no body/life. It took about two months of hair growth for my hair to finally regain some body. After the third month my hair had so much damage I had to chop it off to shoulder length. I used to have my hair up to my booty. It was sad to part with it. but I liked the change anyway. Now I had about six inches of new growth and I was miserable. My hair is curly/wavy with a fuzzball of frizz. There seems to be nothing that will help tame that mess. I used No Frizz, Aveda, Fekkai drug store brands, pro brands and nothing. so I was anxious to have it relaxed especially when I heard Phyto uses a natural soy and egg based relaxer. The experience was very relaxing. The atmosphere at phytouniverse is Divine. The place is like a tropical oasis from their cabin like rooms to their living wall of diverse plants. The music was soothing, the staff were loving. The only thing I didn't like were their European style white basins they were a little uncomfortable. Back to the relaxer, you can get it online, in salons and at sephoras. It doesn't have a very strong smell and I noticed my hair was stronger and shinier than after most relaxers. I used Index 1 for delicate/ thin hair. If you do use it at home you'll need a little patience, it takes a bit longer to work than other relaxers. It's really easy to use though, everything you need from the pretreatment, treatment and post treatment is in the box with detailed instructions.

At home care recommendations . Phytophanere- these pills work wonders for your hair to grow healthy, strong and fast. Also helps with the skin and nails. Phytospecific Integral Hair Care, this stuff is super light weights and helps soften frizz, detangles and keeps hair hydrated and nourished.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Concealers Galore!

I can never have enough concealers. I'm always looking for the newest next best thing. So I hauled some concealers from Becca which are dual formulas with lots and lots of color choices, medium coverage and full coverage. The balm concealers which are super creamy, lightweight with really good ingredients like vitamins A,C and E. And the Eve Pearl concealer palette which is the creamiest of the bunch.
Above from left to right it the Eve Pearl palette, The Balm concealer in mid medium followed by light medium, Becca concealer in brioche followed by Becca concealor in tahini

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I was tagged!

TAG: Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know You
What made you choose your blog name?
I named my blog "My Endless Beauty Trunk" because I'm eclectic. There is always something interesting in beauty no matter where it's from or what it does. Also working in the beauty industry I tend to collect more than I want to lol. 

What's your actual name?
Crisania. There aren't many of us out there. 

Do you have any nicknames?
Crissy, Crisol. (call me that and I'll beat you 0:)   ) Others I don't need to add here. :) 

Apart from the obvious make up / beauty hobby, what other hobbies do you have?
I used to collect Barbies, Coins and books on Hinduism. Weird I know. Since I got married I have no room  for them so I settled on makeup. I can draw/paint. I'm actually working on a piece for my husband on Radha Krishna. I'm into music, I like Hindi, Turkish, Italian and Spanish. I don't understand Turkish. Don't ask me how that came about... 

What do you do?
What don't I do? I've had many odd end jobs. Right now I'm a licensed esthetician. Fortunately I work in a beauty store :) I have a bachelor in science for physical anthropology (similar to forensics). I used to work at Urologist's office before I took the leap into the beauty industry :) 

What would you like to do?
I want to be a freelance makeup artist, and own my own spa. :) 

Tell us something embarrassing, but that you love doing?
I have six left feet. But I try to dance anyway. I've taken a few dance classes in my day that have all ended catastrophically. lol 
Tell us a little something that we don't already know about you.
I love India...anything about India. I should have been an Indologist.

What achievement are you most proud of?
Going to college.

What do you most like about yourself?
I'm very laid back.

What would you change about yourself if you could?
I could lose some extra baggage.

If you could have anything in the world (that doesn't cost any money), what would you want?
Better memory..I'm aging already!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tweezerman's new eyelash curler

I recently acquired a new eyelash curler. And I'm in love. The shape is not as wide as the shu uemura so the eye fits in nicely. Also I find it has a very sturdy design.  Plus it comes with 4 of the plastic refills. Awesome! Super value deal. 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some recent goodies from Duwop and Benefit.

Above is the Duwop eyeshadow trio in crush molten metallic trio , I love the pigment it's very rich with a lovely satiny texture. The Duwop prime venom comes on matte and is like most lip plumpers tingly. I don't really see a plumping effect but it does keep lipstick on longer. I got a little gift bag from Benefit and inside was featured all these goodies. The bag itself is really nice too, It has compartments for the brushes and everything.  The California Kissin lipgloss has a nice non sticky texture but I don't really believe it makes the teeth appear brighter. I do like the tiny blue glitter makes me feel like a girly princess he he. 

I love the Bathina  shower cap from benefit. It looks adorable and it really helps keep the water out. The Rush Hour mini makeover lip/cheek color is really nice and natural. I love multipurpose items. The color is really wearable too. The badgal blue mascara is a subtle blue that helps brighten the eyes. It does volumize but it's a bit clumpy for my taste. 

Monday, May 11, 2009

Yves Saint Laurant

Yay! I've been lemming this lippie for a while now. So I finally bought it. whoohoo. The Rouge Volupte lipstick in #2 sensual silk and it is like nothing I've own. It is so silky and pigmented. At $34 it's not cheap either. But it's worth it, everything from the packaging to the texture and wear of this lippie is perfect. The ombres 5 lumieres, five color harmony in#6 garden of eden has great packaging and I'm in love with the darkest green, but I'm not crazy about the palette as a whole. I also got the Dior addict lip glow which enhances the lips and has spf 10. I love it, feels so nice and smooth on the lips. It's a hint of color, kind of like the ogloss from smashbox. Over priced but nice to have anyway. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My new Clarisonic

I love this brush. I always wanted one and I finally ordered it. I got the Clarisonic Pro which features 4 speeds unlike the original which only has 2 and the new spot therapy one which has 3. The pro setting is super aggressive and is great for body work. It also came with the three trial cleansers. One refreshing gel cleanser with willowbark, coQ10 and bearberry for oilier skin types. Gentle hydro cleanser with aloe cucumber and green tea for sensitive types, and the nourishing care cleanser with green tea, shea butter and vitamin b5.  
The best thing about using the clarisonic is that it really cuts down on cleansing time. Like the sonic toothbrushes it works through vibrasions, but at the higher speeds I noticed the brushed moved a bit too. It really gets deep in those grooves. I loved it, I notice results right away. My skin feels smoother kind of like after a scrub but it's super gentle. I have the sensitive brush head which it came with. I tend to be sensitive so I might try the one for delicate skin and see how that works. I highly recommend it . The original retails for 195, the spot therapy one for 225 and the pro is only available through professionals. 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Cream and other newness

Oh I love Fresh....I love their Sugar collection. Specifically their Brown Sugar Body Polish  and now I can have the scent with me all the time with this lovely body cream! Best of all it's only $35 run to your nearest Fresh Sephora and grab it while it's there. It's a rich cream and really scented. Also has the benefits of vitamins C and E and oils like apricot kernel, sweet almond and jojoba. Even Shea butter. 

Another great find from Fresh is the duo mascara. It's $10 baby and features the Firebird and the supernova. They are great for layering. Not only will these give your Dior worthy vaboom but they are so good for your lashes! Features vitamin B5 (panthenol) which conditions and keeps your lashes healthy

Boscia one of my favorite natural brands came out with a new skin perfecting primer. It really helps reduce the size of the pores due to dimethicone and peppermint. Yet this is lightweight and dries to a matte finish. 

Dr. Brandt Pores no more Vacuum Cleaner. Ever get fed up looking for a mask to get rid of them blackheads? Well this stuff is like Biore strips minus the strips lol. It just really gets deep down and removes all that gunk. Every time you use it you will just see your skin clear even more. This has a potent blend of salicylic and glycolic acids to really exfoliate. 

Make Up For Ever UV Prime SPF 50/PA+++ Wow...simply wow. This stuff is phenomenal. Like their HD powder I'm sure it will be a revolution. It's super lightweight and it primes the skin leaving it soft and smooth. You will notice fewer fine lines and best of all it has an extremely high spf but does not feel oily at all. Best of all only $30. 

Smashbox reflexion high shine lipgloss. It's like photo finish for your lips lol. It has vitamin A and hyaluronic acid for ultimate softness and hydration. It is not sticky at all and gives lips a plumping pearl like glow. 

Friday, May 1, 2009


Above is 109 spiced cream on the top and 701 serenity on the bottom. 

The sun is coming out to it's maximum potential and we all know that translates to sun damage! One of my favorite lines for sun care is shisheido. Recently I acquired the sun protection eye cream 32 PA++ which leaves the eye area very soft and hydrated. It's not greasy or heavy either.  I also bought the Ultimate Sun protection sun lotion spf 55 PA++ this is a very light weight sunscreen. It's not greasy and it leaves the skin very soft. And Shisheido perfect Rouge lipsticks in Rs701 serenity and Be109 spiced cream. These colors are so nice and springy!