Friday, January 15, 2010

Benefit Sugar Bomb!

We are ready for spring with Benefits new Sugar Bomb blush. It's a light pink shade that can be used to give cheeks a nice healthy glow. Very natural looking! It does have a light fragrance to it.

I also swatched Tarte's Borba lipgloss in Inside Out. Very sheer, but slightly sticky.


  1. Hi Crissy! Been meaning to comment for ages, Benefit's Sugarbomb seems like a perfect excuse (not that I need any, really!). I really really want to get this, it looks so sweet, perfect for Spring...I'm so "angry" though, 'cause I placed an order on and two days later I noticed they'd added Sugarbomb on their website, I hate it when that happens! (Benefit is not available in my city, so I have to buy it online, and it's cheaper if I get it from the UK anyway!) The Tarte looks very sheer indeed! xx

  2. Hello Anna! Thanks for the comment. I know it's been ages since I really blogged. I've been so busy with the new job preparations :) I do recommend this new blush for fair to light skins. I think tan to dark skins will be slightly disappointed with how sheer it is.

  3. I love Benefit products...the under eye paste does wonders. I have to try this sugarbomb...your swatch reminds me of
    CORALista blush by Benefit.