Friday, January 15, 2010

Cargo 50% off haul.

Well, most of the good items are gone. A few loners here and there. This is a great collection that will be missed Specially those blushes! I got a few goodies to review and swatch :)

My favorite buy hands down is that runway pallet hello $25 awesome!! The blushes are fantastic. The eye shadows are fun. Everything goes on smooth and pigmented.
I already own Tahiti and Baja eyeshadow palette and I decided to add a neutral Bahama to the mix. Very sheer light and shimmer and fun warm colors.

Above from left to right is my favorite blush in mendocino, blu ray foundation in #20, blu ray bronzer, blu ray blushes #1 and #2

I already own the blu ray foundation. This is my I have 5 minutes to get ready foundation. Quick and easy and medium to full coverage. I have a lot of couperose (broken capillaries on my cheeks and nose) so I don't even have to wear concealer with this awesome. Now, like most powders it can be drying if you are dry skin already. I'm combination. Most people will ask my what I'm wearing when I wear this foundation because it looks so flawless on me and not drying or too obvious ( I'm combination oily Tzone) the texture is very silky smooth but it's a bit chalky if you don't get your correct color which is hard because their color range is very limited.

I'm happy with blu ray bronzer and blush #2. They are very light and wearable with less shimmer than the original blushes/bronzer. blu ray blush #1 is a bit too chalky for me.
Above from left to right is medium bronzer from the palette, the middle gray smokey eye shadows, blushes in big easy, rome and topeka

These blushes and bronzers are the main reason I snatched up that palette what a steal!

Above from left to right is Cargo plant love lipstick in sagarmatha, and the runway palette eye shadows

I'm not in love with the Cargo plant love lipstick. The shade works for me, but the formula is sooo dry. It reminds me of Nars but even dryer. The good thing is that it is long wearing. Does have a bit of an unpleasant odor. The palette eye shadows I love. They are so pigmented and such fun colors. They blend like a dream.

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  1. I went to Sephora and it wasnt 50% off :-(