Friday, January 15, 2010

Sephora hauling time.

I don't give much love to Sephora brand. When ever I go to Sephora there are so many interesting new things I never really pay attention to the brand even though I am a fan of their brushes, new satin eyeshadows and their powdered foundations. Their lip stuff is another story. I just have such an aversion to smells..specially sweet annoying smells.

Above is a picture of my haul

Above from left to right are swatches of old sephora lippies in 43, 39 and 33 followed by the ultra brilliance lipgloss in 33 and new lip attitude glamour glosses in 17. 18. 19 and 20.

Any-who, in the name of the sale I picked up a few of the old sephora lipsticks. These were all super shimmery and weirdly enough oily/melted gross. The colors were nice though. But again can't stand the smell. They also irritated my lips. I'm guessing because of the shimmer. So I went to see the new sephora lipsticks. And the formula is much improved. I picked 4 neutrals from the lip attitude glamour collection. It's such a silky formula with moderate pigmentation and highly moisturizing. All the colors are wearable and there are so many nice colors. The only con is that strong smell and taste. Now I'm not deliberately eating the lipstick but sometimes I lick my lip (I know bad drying habit) or something happens and there it is that nasty taste. And the strong smell is right under my nose :( What a pity because I do looooove the shades and feel of these lipsticks. I also got a lipgloss from the ultra brilliance collection in #33. This one irritates my lips and it does have the same smell and taste. Very glossy, shiny and non sticky though. I'm scared to try their new rouges the colors and pigments are so intense. Sigh, I"ll have to wait until they change that formula again.


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