Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tarte Love

I'm loving Tarte. This morning a found a lovely little surprise waiting in my mail box. The Tarte Femme Naturale Palette!

And boy is this baby wonderful! The colors are so soft and sweet (think pinks and beiges) yet there are some strong colors for smokey nights as well (charcoal, greens, golds) Everything is very earthy. There are three matte shades and the rest are all shimmer. I don't mind, I'm more of a shimmer girl.
Above From left to right is the top row of shadows

Above from left to right are the liner swatches and the bottom row of shadows
There is a good deal of fall out with this product so you need to be careful when applying (maybe a firm brush and pat it/roll it on). Plus it comes with a dual ended brush and dual ended eyeliner. Awesome! And the new packaging features a little sample of the lifted eye primer. It's crease resistant and very creamy. But it does feel a little thick and you do need to blend it in well.

Anyway, I really want to show you what I'm really excited about. Have any of you seen the new Tarte spring collection? Omg I want it! lol.

Disclaimer: ( All the pictures in the bottom belong to and I'm not trying to violate any copy write laws just sharing the awesomeness)

The Tarte flower child palette, I just love the packaging so cute!

Lash enhancing mascara and primer. The lash primer is something I'm really interested in. I own more than 20 mascaras (sick I know) but not one mascara primer...this one is going in the cart :)

New lip stains and cheek stain!

I think this is the main star of their new collection. I already love their cheek stains and I'm hearing really good thing about this new lip stain. Moisturizing and a lip stain in one, sounds too amazing! Plus I love the packaging. It will fit perfectly in my purse and be super easy to apply. The new cheek stain is such a pretty earthy rose color sounds like my cup of tea.

There is an antiaging cheek stain too. Looks very creamy!

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