Sunday, February 7, 2010

Eve Pearl haul part II

As many of you know. I loooove Eve Pearl products.

In particular, I love her eyeshadows. Those buttery smooth, ultra pigmented, all skin tone friendly gifts from the heavens. Yes they are that good! So I finally got my hands on Au' Natural and Pretty 'N Pink and I did some swatches for you! I also got the Eve pearl Priming Moisturizer. All I can say is that this is by far the lightest primer I have tried to date. It feels like nothing is on and works just as good as Smashbox in terms of slip and as good as Makeup Forever in terms of longevity. Best thing? I didn't break out from it, and my skin loooves to break out. Especially I was freaking out because of the mineral oil listed on the back but nope my skin is fine. It has some good for you ingredients like Vitamin E, Wheat proteins, and Aloe. Anyway, the only downside? These palettes are $40 and tiny. (yes I know they are super pigmented, but eek) The good thing is that she has deals every now and then so do sign up for her email list and you'll know when it happens!

Pretty 'N Pink

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