Sunday, February 7, 2010


I love blog sales and swaps. Especially if it allows me to get my hands on hard to get items. lakme cosmetics is hard to come by in the states. Even though I live a hop and a skip form Jackson Heights and a easy bus/train ride from Oak Tree Road and Little India in Jersey. Not to mention all the other Indian stores in Manhattan, Flushing, Bellerose etc. You get my drift... Food is mainstream, grocery is easy, clothes is everywhere, but cosmetics ooo so hard. :( What gives? Aside from the kajals that is...and even that is becoming a challenge! Thank goodness for Jamilla from She had a little blogsale and was kind enough to bestow on me all her Lakme goodies. Yay! First off, I'd like to say that I've been lemming the Lakme peacock palette since before it was created lol! And last time I went to India I was shopping with my husband and nephew (my bargaining bodyguards) but they were getting antsy at all the makeup so I kept it to a minimum of 2 lippies, a blush, and a shadow liner. (I kept running away to the grocery stores buy kajal on the side!) So if any of you know where to get S. Asian makeup in NY/NJ tell me and I'll run there!
Anyway this was my loot, Bridal sutra collection Enrih Matte 661 and 526 and the Peacock eye color quartet.
I got an enrich lipcolor from the Free Spirit collection in D417.
And because she is so awesome and knows how much I love Lakme she threw in the Purple Oasis eye color quartet.

This is my first time trying their shadows. And they are very pigmented and velvety soft. They do have a little bit of fallout if you apply too heavily. The Purple Oasis palette below is very frosty, so I'll need to use a light hand with these and mix it with darker matte shades.
The Peacock collection is as the name suggest a very bold combination, but it does allow for flexibility. I love the colors. The gold is very unique, it's an antique earthy gold. Peacock palette below

I've tried their lipsticks before, these all smell of strawberry. Below is 661, 526 and D417

526 is a bit too dark and brown for my coloring. But it would make a nice nude for someone of a darker completion. 661 is a pinky brown based nude which works well for me. These matte shades remind me of Revlon matte in that they feel very soft and creamy and are really pigmented. You'll need to make sure your lips are very moisturized and primed when wearing these or you'll see lines. My favorite is D417 it's a bright red orange color. It is not the shiniest lipstick but looks natural and light.


  1. those palettes are beautiful and seems very pigmented!

    btw, thanks for the swap...crisania <3
    you're the best! hehe

    i can't wait ^_^

  2. Yay! I'm glad everything worked out :)

  3. I didn't know you had a blog! Now we can stay in each others' lives better. This is much richer than FB!

  4. Hi Crissy,

    I wanted to email you about the Illamasqua eyeshadow sale on my blog but couldn't find your email address anywhere.

    Could you please email me at so I can invoice you and get your shadows sent out to you?


  5. Hi Crissy...first time on yur blog..

    I am glad to visit a make up artist:)