Friday, April 15, 2011

Covergirl Haul!

Here are some new Covergirl finds that peaked my interest :D

Have you tried these Covergirl lip perfection lippies? I love the color range. I wish the cap were clear so that we could see the color better, I wouldn't say the colors are exactly a true match. Some have a sheen while others have frost but hard to tell from the swatches until you open them. The wear is great and the pigment is amazing. I do find these moisturizing as well. I absolutely love these. Wish they had more colors lol. 

 Covergirl natureluxe gloss balm in anemone and sandstone natureluxe liquid silk foundation in 310 flax and 320 aspen foundation swatched heavy on left side then blended on the right side.
 I love the covergirl gloss balm they are lightly pigmented cherry scented. I am not a fan of sandstone the glitter is very gritty feels like I'm exfoliating and looks ashy. I wish they had better colors for their liquid silk foundations these are a bit too neutral/pink for me. Flax looks like on application but did end up oxidizing to a good match lol. The texture is very soft mouse like and very moist. It does take a while to set. I loved the smell, but I felt the foundation was a bit plastic feeling even though it was light.  If you are oily this is not for you unless of course if you set it with oil absorbing powder. 

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