Friday, April 1, 2011

Hello Dear Readers!

I'm still alive in the blogging world even though I have been long MIA. The past year was crazy. I feel like everything went topsy turvy. As some of you might remember, just before my disappearance I had a few life changing events.

I left my job at Sephora and bid farewell to the cosmetic industry but not the beauty industry. I took a job at American Laser Center which I left shortly after. And now I know that I am keeping my fingers crossed for a new position that I am applying for. (please pray for me everyone) I'm itching to go back to work after a six month absence.

I got pregnant shortly after leaving Sephora. Yay! I left ALC when I was 8 months pregnant. And finally in January a day shy of  41 weeks my little bundle of joy was born. His name is Arjun Rohan, and he weighed 7lbs and 4oz. He is such a joy! Even though it's definitely hard work to be a mother it's all worth it!

So where does this put us! I have been doing a lot less beauty shopping because it's hard to get out of my home with baby and my mother in law lol. (it's like I have two kids) But I have been buying a few things here and there. I have a backlog of reviews that hopefully I'll get to putting up soon. The time off has definitely helped me mature and organize myself.

I had a few other hobbies that I didn't really talk much about such as cooking which I now feel confidant in. (I couldn't fry an egg a little more than three years ago :( , now I'm making elaborate South Asian meals lol)  This time around when I make my official comeback lol,  my blog will not be strictly swatches as it was before. I'm still a licensed esthetician and certified makeup artist so I'll have access to trade shows and more. (speaking of which there are a few coming right up soon!) I' ll try to write more about the beauty industry, life in general, and of course make up swatches.

Thank you all for sticking with me all this time during my absence.

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