Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Makeup Show NY 2011

Gosh this is too embarrassing I started this post a more than a week ago lol. I hadn't had the time to upload pictures. .

I am so excited I got to go to the Makeup Show again this year. Albeit for too little time. I felt so alive and inspired. I got there at 9am and the line was loooong but moving. I ended up buying tickets at the door because I missed the online cut off date for $70 (ouch)  It was still worth it. My favorite vendors were MUFE, Inglot, Anastasia, Eve Pearl, Smashbox, YSL, and Jane Iredale. I didn't go by Mac because it's always insanely full and I already have thier Pro card so I can pop by their flagship or pro stores anytime. I did sign up for a few pro memberships while I was there. Smashbox I had since 2009 and their membership doesn't expire or have fees and a 30% discount. Jane Iredale has the most generous discount at up to 70%. Anastasia at 30%,  I also signed up for Kevyn Aucoin, Stila, Nars and Naimes though I still haven't heard back from them.

I hope Tarte joins the ranks of these wonderful vendors next year. Because I don't know about you, but their new Amazonian Clay line is HOOOOT. lol. Sigh...QVC you are too addictive.

Jane Iredale, I ended up buying their amazing base pressed powder because it's absolutely amazing. It's mineral based and feels like air/no tight/itchy face thank you! I am looking forward go experimenting with this brand in the future. They also have a liquid minerals that looks cool. I also have some of their 24kt pigments I will swatch for you.
This is Amazing Base Pure Pressed minerals in Warm Silk.
Very Strong Coverage
This is the Jane Iredale 25kt pigment from left to right in Rose, Lilac and Bronze.
These are like Mufe star powders the the glitter is grittier/golder.

Anastasia. I love how their products are focused on fixing aging concerns. Crapey eyelids lol. I give them a thumbs up for effectively hydrating the area. As you can see this week I have used their original palette a lot and I love it. I feel the area is definitely more hydrated. Though I need to be more militant about putting on eye cream. I'm not a spring chicken anymore lol.

Smashbox! I love their version of the neutral palette. I feel like everyone is coming out with neutrals this year. I'm sure you all saw the NYX nude on nude...they made no attempt to hide the similarities to Urban Decay Nude. I will order this one and do a comparison eventually. It's amazing but I actually don't own any NYX products even though I've heard wonders on the brand.

Anyway, I'll compare the smashbox softbox palette to the Too Faced Natural Eye and Urban Decay Nude.

Smashbox Softbox Palette

Below is a swatch of Too Faced Natural Eye

Below are swatches of the Urban Decay Nude

Arjun made an appearance. Can you see his little toe? lol. This is why I don't blog that much anymore.

Zpalette. I'm kicking myself in the bum for not getting more of these. I was worried since I have a million mac/mufe palettes I didn't really need this. But I was wrong. My goodness their magnet is powerful! Once you place these babies in they are as good as glued! I love it. I am anticipating that these will probably replace all my palettes.

Here is my little bundle of joy. He was enjoying kicking around my palettes He is turning 5 months next Tuesday : D

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