Monday, May 30, 2011


There is a Shiseido store right across my job. However, I decided to go to the Macys a block away to get some new foundation ( I actually hit pan on the one I was using....amazing!) I remembered using Shiseido when I was in college and though I should give it a try again because lately I've been breaking out like mad (most likely stress related). Needless to say, I probably should have gone to the Shiseido store across my job because the SA at Macys was clueless :( I ended up buying the Stick foundation and the Powdery foundation ) The good thing is that I got the right shade. She kept trying to sell me I40 and then when I made her try O20 she said it was a better match (duh) lol.  That is one thing I have to give credit to Shiseido, yellow based foundations, peach and pink! Options!

Stick Foundation: Most Shiseido products have SPF this one has SPF 18. I find it's really easy to blend. I use a sponge. It's medium to full coverage. Definitely for normal to dry skin. I also find that it is moist and toward the end of the day my makeup runs into the creases under my eyes and around my laugh lines (ewww) Also the color kinda migrates away from my oily tzone :( I love the dewy finish. This one will have to go into storage for fall/winter. I also noticed it has an orangey undertone, but it doesn't really show when it's blended in.

Above from Left to Right is The Stick Foundation in 020 and the Powdery Foundation  in 020.

 Powdery Foundation: I like it. It's SPF 16. It's sheer to medium coverage and matte. In the spring/summer I tend to have an oily Tzone so this is good at keeping me looking fresh, but even though the website says it is oil absorbing, I find it's not oil absorbing in any way. I usually need to blot mid day and toward the end of my workday. I use it with a brush. Also I find this doesn't break me out yay!

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