Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Coral Sensation!

I have an itch for coral/orangey makeup lately.

I have behaved though. I bought the new blush from Mac in My Paradise and an older lipglass in Lychee Luxe. Goodness speaking of lychee have any of you had them? Those are one of my top summer fruits favorite..Mmm Juicy! My husband just brought me a bag from Chinatown.  Gotta love NY!

Clarins lipstick in Papaya.
This one you can see the glossy shine!

 The blurry pic is more true to color.
Here are swatches of the delicious coralness. 

Below from Left to Right Clarins Lipstick in Papaya, Mac Lipglass in Lychee Luxe, Mac blush in My Paradise color side and then color plus gold overlay

The Clarins lipstick in Papaya is very glossy and has glitter in it. I like it. It's light and bright perfect for summer. Wears like a lipgloss though. I get about 2 hrs of wear time. It's slightly sticky. The mac lipglass is more of a pinky coral and is very frosted. I have been wearing the blush all week. I love it. I've been wearing it matte without the overlay to get more color. it's very versatile.


  1. mmm i love coral too perfect for summer!

  2. Mac blush in My Paradise look great...I want!


  3. I love My Paradise and your haul. Also, strangely enough, I've never tried lychee although my island (Oahu in Hawaii) is overly saturated with that...

  4. Lychees are definitely an acquired taste. Sometimes they can be reeeeally sweet. I like them though and they are so juicy. Make sure you get them ripe. And steer clear of any that smell funny or look brown nothing worse than an rotting lychee eeek. Also the canned ones are not too good :D

  5. after food, beauty products interest me a lot :) you and I chose the same theme for our blogs :) I love the pink and blush hues of this background! Came here from a friends blog - do visit me and join me in my culinary adventures :) look forward to stopping back. cheers priya